Where Is Live Anywhere?

OXM US writes:

"Back at E3 2006, Xbox 360 gamers were given a glimpse of the future when Microsoft demonstrated their upcoming cross-platform, always-connected technology, Live Anywhere. Waiting in line for groceries? Snoop on friends' Gamerscores with your cell phone, and message them while they play. Play a few games on a Pocket PC and earn some Gamerscore on the road yourself. But the hallmark of the demonstration consisted of painting a Forza 2 car model on a mobile phone, sending it to your 360 for use in the game, and unlocking an Achievement in the process."

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DarkSniper3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Microsoft has solidified themselves to be the habitual liars of the computer and gaming industry. Their snide and uncouth business traditions have been well documented. It's no coincidence that Peter Moore, Bill Gates and several others have abandoned the Microsoft Corporation in hopes to save face before the entire company falters.

Live anywhere is nothing more than an idea created by the poor Microsoft R&D department. In theory, you would think this is a good idea, but with the shoddy hardware of XBOX 360, this idea will never come to frutition.

Once again, XBots have taken personal offense to Dark Sniper's comments as they continue to WAIT B3YOND for true next generation features to appear on their Waitbox 360.


SSCOOLCHEA3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )


BloodySinner3667d ago

You try so hard sometimes. Really, really... funny.

Snukadaman3667d ago

So your not waiting for home....your not waiting for final fantasy 13.....your not waiting for mgs4...indeed.

Dark Sniper3667d ago

Dark Sniper would like to change his mind about PSN. It is terrible. It has 1/10th the features of XBOX LIVE and even less users. PSN SUCKS.


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rofldings3667d ago

lol. Too bad DS is from Texas.


Lets see , when i buy sony products it makes my house looks nice , it has features in product you always get a wow factor , you already know what the price is because of there products. when you know what your getting when you buy a product its not following them blindly... i dont think calling the xfart off after 2 years is doing you any justice , i said it right here 2 more years you will be picking up a xfart 380.5 ....sorry i forgot you guys like to upgrade every 2 years... good luck...

Rocko3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Hes from Europe, hes mentioned it a few times. His profile says so as well.

Yeah and OJ, your as f**kin gay as he is.

rofldings3667d ago


The fact that I've played COD4 with him proves that he's from the US (or at least has a US version of COD4; which is retarded since they came out within 3 days of each other.)

Since after the last update, you can't play between regions, even with a US/EU PSN account (on COD4 only)

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Lord_Ash3667d ago

Every major company promises something big every once in a while and allot of these promises get delayed or don't ever see the light of day.

Anyway this feature is for obsessed gamers only.

OC Shock Value3667d ago

They probably just hope we forgot about it after Halo dropped.. i was only excited about it for like 6 seconds after i heard about it.. maybe it SUCKED

DJ3667d ago

"the basic idea of Live Anywhere [was] having Live with you wherever you go and being able to interact with your other Live-connected devices (like your Zune, 360, PC, PDA, phone, etc.)"

Sony is only taking baby steps with this concept, and only using Sony Ericson phones (so far) as a moderate extension of Playstation HOME, not PSN itself. It's smarter to only promise what you know you can achieve.

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