GamesRadar: Mirror's Edge, A genuine Next Big Thing contender...

GamesRadar writes:

"In Mirror's Edge, you play as Faith, an acrobatic gunslinger hell-bent on beating the city's forces in as stylish a way as possible using the entire city as your playground. There are no restrictions - you can go anywhere. Fences and walls are there to be jumped over. The city is pristine and clean-looking, with a real sense of underlying menace. From what we've seen, it looks a little like Neo's 'virtual' hometown in The Matrix. Whether or not there'll be shootouts in granite hallways full of pillars exploding into chunks is yet to be seen."

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Kulupoo3787d ago

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crunchie1013787d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. This, more than any other game this year, can potentially be the most innovative, in my opinion.

ar3787d ago

If they pull the gameplay of this could be one of the coolest games ever.
Fingers crossed!