Devil May Cry 4: Gamer Review - 'stunning to behold'

Gamer writes: "If you're willing to put in the time and effort to master both characters and attempt to make it through the insane difficulty of the highest settings, Devil May Cry 4 is more or less unparalleled in its field. And for the more casual player, going through on the easier settings will still be entertaining but don't expect to be pushed too hard – in fact, we'd recommend most adopters who have ever played anything similar jump straight in on the Devil Hunter setting as Human mode may as well play itself for the most part.

Still, this does mean that Devil May Cry is no longer the domain of the hardcore alone, for which we can only be thankful. Admittedly, that's where the most entertainment and the biggest challenge lies and therefore when it is no doubt at its best. But by cleverly easing in those less sure in their ability to take down the forces of evil through finger gymnastics, Capcom has made something pretty damn special."

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meepmoopmeep3963d ago

but only on Human mode. i want to know where i need to go and what i need to do before tackling Demon Hunter because you get points for how long you take in a level and so on.

so far so great... this game rocks and the added achievement system for the PS3 is a nice touch telling you what your friends have unlocked or achieved

Marceles3963d ago

I started off on Demon Hunter. Human mode will be a breeze once I'm done beating it on this difficulty.

meepmoopmeep3963d ago

to be honest it IS very easy. i haven't died once yet so i can't wait to play it on Demon Hunter. by that time i will have nailed the combos down. i'm not really into achievements but i would like to play the harder setting