PAL Playstation store updates continue to underwhelm

Everyday Shooter Watch: Two months and counting. As for what did turn up, well, Go! Skydiving managed an on-time appearance (and to be honest looks like a good time-waster), and is joined by demos for Conflict: Denied Ops (a week late) and Turok (3 weeks late), as well as DLC for Folklore and a Chinese New years pack for MotorStorm. In the PSP/PC store, just one addition: a WipEout Pulse DLC pack.

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Lucreto3692d ago

The main reason is all the European languages to translate.

They should release the english version first and add them in different languages when its available.

If they can to it with books like Harry Potter which didn't get released in French until 2 months after the English release so demos should be the same.

Xeikon3692d ago

That excuse is getting old. Microsoft has no problem bringing content to Europe.

Lucreto3692d ago

True but consider that PSN is new and live was on the first xbox so they know the drill.

They say they will have it fixed in a few months so they acknowledge there is a problem and they will fix it hopefully.

Neurotoxin3692d ago

Content takes longer.... Patches Take Longer.... Releases Take Longer - Its all due to the EU Rating system ombined with the Incompetence of Sony Europe. Its all down to the Bureaucratic nonsense that is set inplace, things need to be streamlined so to prevent these pointless and damaging delays. I`ve said it before for a long, long time, PS3 is being kept alive due to the European Market. Isn`t it time Sony Treated Europe with the same love, if not more than the Wobbling PS3 American Market!

anh_duong3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

how many times have i got to tell people who complain about the european psn to just buy from the us games website using or else use a european mastercard.

why oh why do these articles keep coming out every month? if the journo is half a reporter he should talk about these workarounds instead of b1tching and moaning.

btw: pain and everyday shooters are dogs

Neurotoxin3692d ago

Fair Enough. But the point is we shouldn`t have to.

Burekman3692d ago

Actually we can't. You see the good people at Sony blocked our Mastercards so they can only be used in our local store (which doesn't exist in my country by the way).

Worked until just before the new year, when we got this new Mastercards with chips on them. Doesn't work since.

Heard Visa electrons aren't regionally blocked yet but unfortunately I don't own one.

And the site you listed requires you to give them your social security/government ID... No thank you, too much trouble for me.

anh_duong3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

then use you can put any number in for youre social number - it's for identity verification to ensure that your account doesn't get hijacked. hence any number will work so long as you note it down. you only need to put in a hundred bucks and you will be covered for the next quarter.

anh_duong3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

annoying that i can't edit my comments. my point is: if you are a good journalist then you should at least talk about the workarounds instead of just moaning. yes it is true that sony europe are slow - sony admitted this themselves but to give a balanced report the journalist must, firstly, talk about the workaround in place (and these workarounds aren't exactly rocket science - a fifth grader could work it out) and, secondly, mention the fact that sony just made an official press release just TWO DAYS AGO regarding their promise to get contents out earlier. i expect a gaming journalist to know about the full facts because he is getting paid to do this.

it just gets abit annoying that every week someone complains that a demo is available on the US website and not on the EUropean website. Seriously, it isn't that hard to log into the US PSN - it's just an icon click away! Stop b1tching and moaning every bloody week.

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Hades13373692d ago

This weeks update was pretty rape tbf, Turok & Conflict demos, DLC for Folklore & Motorstorm and that Skydiving game. Ok they have come out late than the US, but hasnt it always been that way?? Games come out in Europe later than they do in the US; weve always complained about it but its nothing new. Sure, I hope that they find a solution pretty soon, but I think people need to stop b1tching each and every week. No matter what content is offered, some people are never happy.

DethWish3692d ago

Indeed.. I kinda want a working aderss for US account... pm me plz =)

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