On Which System Does Paradise Truly Lie?

Game Almighty's Phillip Radke takes a look at both versions of the latest Burnout game to see which one truly reigns supreme.

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dale13782d ago

old 360 point made right there old

ravinash3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

the point about the number of users on the network would depend on where you live as well.
I'm guessing he's in the US.
Japan and Europe it would be the same if no better on the PS3.
plus both networks are growing all that many people do you need in a game?

Oh yeah, and what happens when you want to play it online on your 360 and you don't have a hard drive. eh, eh, eh???

roybatty3782d ago

Fanboy article and useless.
I don't pay monthly fee to play online, plus whoever thinks the 360 controller is on any planet better than a six axis is on crack.
About the only thing I agree with this douche on is the DJ. HORRIBLE.
Has that smug, inane, nasal delivery that all 4sshole DJ's put on.
Kinda Ryan Seacrest'ish. Soooo punchable.

phony force slayer3782d ago

go buy a game and install it
install beyond

3782d ago Replies(5)

Ps3 version runs at 60 fps and 360 at 45 fps. Read IGN comparison. Therefore the Ps3 version has better performance. What a bullshit article.

The_Engineer3782d ago


360 and it's titles have to be the most coddled, pampered and protected products in the history of gaming. Anyone that gives the 360 or its games a negative review is immediately attacked by a legion of fanboys posting hateful,insulting and often profane posts at the website of said reviewer. Lets not mention the attack squads they have roaming forums.

Most of you kids wouldn't know any better but for those of us who have seen it before this stinks of an CIA style psy-op(psychological operation).

Generate positive public opinion

Reinforce said opinions

Obliterate, obfuscate and ridicule legitimate sources of information(unbiased reviewers)

the only thing left is the kidnapping of PS3 friendly reviewers by Al Zarkawi.

Gamingskills3782d ago

IGN is the only one saying this everyone else is saying they both run at 60 fps so who am I to believe! I am not a Sony Fanboy so you know my answer. They also both received an 8.8 score so that makes it even more bull. The fact is IGN's review is an opinion just as this guys review is an opinion. Just because IGN is a more reputable source don't mean their review is law because it's not. The fact is all reviews are OPINIONS. So come on Sony Cryboys state something we don't know.

ReBurn3782d ago

Fanboys will never agree, so they're irrelevant. I have both consoles and I've been looking for articles like this one that put both side by side. I'm leaning toward the 360 version, but I'm not sure I want to buy Live again to play online. Hopefully a few more of these pop up.

SeNiLe9113782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

The Xbox 360 version has rumble in every controller ever made. I feel it would be lifeless playing a game 99% of the time you're bashing your car up or other cars or billboards and whatnot and not feel a thing. You would feel almost numb or paralyzed playing with out rumble.

The Xbox 360 version has achievements! This was genius of M$ adding Achievements to the Xbox 360. I have played through more games more times then on any other console in my life thanks to achievements. You defiantly get your moneys worth with the achievements added. They get you to do things you might have never thought of doing before in a game and help you finish a game that might be a little harder but you keep trying to beat it in insane mode to get that final achievement to show off to your friends.

Friends. Xbox 360 has a larger user base and easier to get them in the game with you. Sure it cost $50 a year but there are deals all the time, check for hot deals on anything before you buy. Here was a deal for Xbox Live for $15

Custom music in any game. Play your own music while you bash paradise. Priceless!

Hope that helps!

Bazookajoe_833782d ago

Lol, that was fanboys aside? Im going with ps3 version because i heard it had a little better framerate (it was very slightly) otherwise they look the same. I wouldnt recommend getting live because of this game alone, even thou live is better than psn i have a hard time paying for something that so obvious should be free. So to ReBurn i can say it depends on what you want from the game, it looks the same on both console, ps3 has 2-3 more framerates per second, 360 has better online service if you are willing to pay. Go with the one that meets youre demands (But they are pretty much the same)

SeNiLe9113782d ago

The article left those tidbits out that are huge to most gamers. Playing a game without rumble is like being numb all over. Take Rez HD for instance, that game you can turn on 4 other controllers and place them all over your body, under your feet, behind the back, as you play the game your whole body rumbles to the beat of the music and game play. It's amazing. It's called Trance Vibration!

I am sorry to every gamer that bought a PS3 and got shafted on that one and feel Sony should do a recall and give everyone a DS3 or at least have a trade in program giving them out at cost or something.

The PS3 is a good system and getting better but just not there yet, but they will defiantly be give M$ the run for the money soon enough. I am sure I will be picking up a PS3 when the price comes down, they bundle it with DS3 controllers, and there online gets a little better.

Bazookajoe_833782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Well sorry if i missunderstod, it just seemed aimed to 360. And i do own both system and most of my multiplat games are on 360. But i personal do not miss rumble on my ps3 and this i believe is one of few games that works a little better on the ps3 because of smoother framerates. But as you mentioned Live is better than than Psn, but that in my oppinion is only because of ingame xmb.

And i think that ReBurn should buy the game on 360 if he feel it´s worth paying for online and have friends to play against online. But if he plays offline or online against random people i think he should go with ps3 version.

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