Hands On: New Playstation Mobile via WikiPad Will Feature PlayStation Cloud-GFN

On September 25th, 2012 GamerFitNation was invited to check out the brand new WikiPad. Powered by Android the WikiPad features the new PlayStaion Mobile. "Most importantly the Wikipad features Gaikai, which is going to be the new PlayStation cloud platform. Allowing you to play the all the top PlayStation Games through stream via PlayStation Mobile."


The Controller is Detachable for Photo Galley visit the website. It's confirmed that you will be able to play Top PS3 games on it.

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telekineticmantis2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

unfortunately, most of the time, popularity trumps quality. Anything with i on it, is gold.

Why is Sony bringing GaiKai/cloud gaming to other handhelds before the Vita smh shape up Sony, where's PC games on the Vita? do you want people to buy your hardware or what?

GribbleGrunger2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

And there you have it! Gaikai will enable Wikipad to play top PS3 games through streaming. I keep saying this but I'll say it again: It's no longer about the sales of hardware, it's about delivering content through SEN and PSN. For those who still get confused between those two, SEN is the entire network, while PSN is one part of that network.

YoungPlex2091d ago

Dude, I've been saying that Sony bought Gaikai so they wouldn't have to invest so much money into hardware, and actually have the PS brand on every device via cloud gaming. Fans don't want to hear that because they're so used to having a console and don't want any other console but PS, but the reality is that gaming is moving towards the cloud. Well I agree with you!

sdozzo2091d ago

Looks cool. So will you be able to play all PS3 games on this? I like my Vita but they are rolling out a little slow on the crossplay so maybe this thing will crush.


From what the CEO stated it seems very likely that we will be able to play PS3 via this pad

GribbleGrunger2091d ago

They'll likely be older PS3 games. The last thing Sony want is for someone to buy this instead of the PS3. They'll want the best of both worlds.

Neonridr2091d ago

wow, amazing how it looks a lot like a Wii U pad..

GribbleGrunger2091d ago

So basically anything with a screen and controls either side looks like a Wiiu? What do you expect them to do, put the joystick in the centre of the screen?

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