FINAL FANTASY III Out Now on the PlayStation Store

The third instalment of FINAL FANTASY was originally limited to a Japanese-only release on the Famicom in 1990. The game later made its Western debut in 2007 as a complete remake for the Nintendo DS with subsequent releases on iOS and Android following later. PlayStation Portable and Vita fans can now join their mobile counterparts in playing a game that had an undeniable impact in the series' 25 year legacy.

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Simco8761903d ago

while this is amazing news, I'm still waiting for FFX remake...and where is my FFXV?

Lovable1903d ago

Dude we still don't have FF 14, and you're already singing FF XV? Come on

Ultr1903d ago

How is this game? Im playing IX right now, totally loving it.

FFX should be coming this year/beginning next? hope so.. want to play it on my vita!

Capt-FuzzyPants1903d ago

The story won't be as good as 9. The class system won't be as good as FF5, but it's a classic FF so it's good.

Capt-FuzzyPants1903d ago

Your FF15 isn't even announced.

medziarz1903d ago

Get it on your Vitas! maybe S-E will notice and release FFX :P

The Rock Bottom1903d ago

Bad news guys...its not showing up in the Vita store and you can't transfer it to the Vita from your ps3...I just wasted $20 bucks on a game I can't play...

Cryptcuzz1903d ago

This is an awesome game for anyone who have not played it yet or want to re-play it again.

I probably would not be buying this because I already have it on Android for my Galaxy Nexus.

Do anyone know if this has anything different then what I got for my phone? Such as new CGI cut scenes, better graphics, voice acting, etc etc.?

If so, I might end up getting this so I can play it on my Vita with proper physical buttons.

barb_wire1902d ago

I could've sworn this had been released already on PSP or am I confusing it with a DS release? sometimes I can't keep up with all these re-releases.