WiiWare: Butterfly Garden Interview

VC Reviews recently caught up with Steve Guiliano the Studio Director of Autonomous Productions to find out his thoughts on Nintendo's new WiiWare service and catch up on the development of Butterfly Garden. It looks as if things are shaping up well for the 2009 WiiWare release and that this will be a game worth keeping an eye on.

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M_Prime3787d ago

I like how they are honest about this..

"SG: Sure, we've got a huge list. But we want to keep some surprises! (and not raise expectations beyond what we can ultimately deliver)"

the game looks interesting but i'm worried it will be almost FULL Price. and i wanna own the DVD if i am paying full price. But if the price is right i may check this out. I wonder how close to the 360 version teh wii will be.

And remember he said "WII IS CHEAPER TO DEVELOP FOR" so if its the same price as the 360 version then we get screwed. And we know nintendo doesn't set the prices, its all Devs

ChickeyCantor3787d ago

they will be around 5 to 15 dollars...

even FF:CC for Wiiware is 15 dollars.

The 2d game that was announced for the Wii is 5 dollars.
so dont expect this to be 40 or something