Go! Sports Skydiving - Review

One of the first reviews for the latest PSN downloadable title is out. See if the game is worthy of the original content that the Sony Playstation Store is becoming known for.

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Chubear3573d ago

I've seen a number of vids of the gameplay and for $5, it's really no gamble. I liked what I saw and I'll definitly get it.

Hell, I keep losing $5 in change from my pockets week damned day so I might as well do something usefull with my $5 that I do manage to not lose :P

marinelife93573d ago

I was going to get it until he said the game pulls your parachute automatically if you decide not to.

Karebear3573d ago

Take skydiving... then add swords... yes I can see it now.
High speed fly bys slashing with katanas attempting to sever ... well whatever.

The winner is the one who can walk away in the end by any means necessary.

I must be having a bad day lol.

DarkSniper3573d ago

Thankfully. Go! Sports Skydiving is a purchase that yields in low risk, high reward. If you buy it and like it, you're extremely happy with your purchase. If you dont like it, it's not like it breaks your wallet as the price is an affordable 5.00.

This is one of the many reasons why Dark Sniper prefers Playstation® Network over the massively inferior XBOX Live. On PSN, you are able to pay for you downloadable titles with a straightfoward currency system. Xbox live extorts money out of your wallet by forcing you to buy Microsoft points. More often than not, you will end up purchasing more points than you need for one game.

If it's one thing Microsoft are experts at, it's at being an elite extortionists.