Army of Two Achievements Revealed

The achievements for the highly anticipated Army of Two have finally been revealed. The game will have you chasing a total of 37 achievements for 1000 points. Most of the achievements should be able to be accomplished through the course of playing the game, as a good portion of the achievements include killing a certain number of enemies or getting a certain number of kills with a particular weapon. Other than that, there are some other interesting achievements including purchasing every mask variant or completing all missions on professional. There are also a few multiplayer achievements to keep the online gamers busy. For the full list of achievements, visit the link below!

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mariusmal3692d ago

i loved "say hello to my little friends" (scarface based) and "fear is the mind killer" (dune). they are my 2 favorite movies of all time.

mighty_douche3691d ago

pfft... achievements are for little kiddies who need a pat on the back from the developer for doing something right....

(im loving this "open Zone") the 360 is sh!t... i dont have to justify why, i can just be a aimless fanboy now wooooo!

BloodySinner3691d ago

I think you try too hard sometimes. =)

meepmoopmeep3691d ago

i was once hyped about this game. that was a year ago. and now it doesn't look too good to me anymore. oh well.

Hollywood813691d ago

Just noticed some quotes from movies as achievement titles
- "Say hello to my little friends"- Scarface(obviously)
- "This is my Boomstick"- Army of Darkness
- "Big Boom! Big Bada Boom!"- The Fifth Element
- "Flip you. Flip you for real!"- The Ussual Suspects
- "If it bleeds we can kill it"- Predator

and a couple movie titles
-Surviving the Game
-Running Man

I dont know if anyone cares just thought it was interesting. If anyone else spots something i missed post it!