Eurogamer: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Preview

Rob Fahey of Eurogamer writes: The original Rainbow Six: Vegas only poked its head above the parapet at the end of 2006, and they're already polishing off a sequel. What is this, Ubi Sports Covert Ops 2008?

"No, it really wasn't rushed," designer Philippe Therien chuckles when we query the 15-month development cycle. "We looked at what we wanted to do and we budgeted the time according to it. We're on time, and happy with the result. The really key thing here is that the engine was solid and working - there's no point in spending more time developing new things that we don't need.

"We did put new features in - we've got sprinting, team orders for grenades, bullet penetration, the new ACES system... There's tons of new things in there, but we didn't really need anything fancy. We didn't, say, need to drive vehicles or stuff like that. That really wasn't necessary. That's why the entire development was spent just making new features, tweaking our graphics."

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