Wii U eShop is very promising says Trine 2 developer

Frozenbyte, the studio behind the excellent downloadable game Trine 2, have told Official Nintendo Magazine that the Wii U eShop is very promising.

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abzdine2066d ago

i'm seriously still confused over this console. why 2 gamepads max and what about the wii remote ? and then a third classic controller ?

When can we use what ? all games are playable with 3 of them ?

guess i'll have to wait for the first reviews of it to understand it better because i fell like Nintendo is trying to hide something by delivering confusing infos.

Benjamminkno2066d ago

Umm... it depends on the developer what control schemes are compatible. I'm sure the pro controller will be utilised here, if not solely the gamepad for sure, simply because it comes with the console.

urwifeminder2066d ago

Just been playing the trine 2 demo on steam what a stunning little game,may buy it.

cleft52066d ago

I am glad to here something positive about Nintendo's online structure because this is the one area I am a bit concerned and excited about.

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