New Details on Wardevil

New tidbits on Wardevil and how the Digi-guys are using the PS3 technology to their advantage.

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sonarus3756d ago

what i want to knw is realistically when should i start anticipating this yr or nxt. My plate is pretty full this yr so if its nxt yr its ok.

Le-mo3756d ago

If in-game look anything like the picture then count me in.

mullet3756d ago

That picture is in-game.

Kain813756d ago

and i hope the gameplay is awesome too

mighty_douche3756d ago

not 100% true, the developer stated the shot uses 100% in-gamme ASSETS... so it kind of is and isnt in-game.

Ghoul3756d ago

Dont forget there is some differenz betwen in-ENGINE and in-GAME

actually they should start to differ between in-gameplay and in-engine.
btw it looks fantastic im very eager to see how long they can hold that quality and 1080p

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xhi43756d ago

all of the pictures and videos are in game, just go on their website to see. Its insane!!! When they first announced this game all those years ago I was like whatever, now since I've seen it and the graphics are INSANE...literally I cannot tell the difference between CG and this game. I don't believe it........its unreal! So pumped for this game!

mighty_douche3756d ago

Just bite the bullet and buy a PS3....

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