Million Metal Gear Solid 4 Launch Day Quote Is "Incorrect"

One million copies. At launch. Late last year, Kojima Productions Associate Producer Ryan Payton was quoted as saying Metal Gear Solid 4 needed to shift a million copies on launch day to turn a profit. From the original Reuters piece: "Payton said the new "Metal Gear Solid" needs to sell over a million copies on the first day it goes on sale due to its costly production, but that may be a tough mark to hit given sluggish PS3 sales.

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sonarus3760d ago

mgs4 has to sell at least a million on launch day assuming it dosent launch at the exact same date in all regions add up Pal and ntsc regions it should sum up to 1 million. Anything else is a terrible showing

Capt CHAOS3760d ago

I mean come on..

'but that may be a tough mark to hit given sluggish PS3 sales.'

This is MS4 we're talking about, I don't have a PS3, Don't even like the MS stuff.. but I can tell you that it'd be very surprised if this game didn't sell a million on it's first day.

darkshiz3760d ago

Capt Chaos I agree.
PS3 sold more then 360 world wide in 07.
Sluggish compared to Wii but not 360.

ravinash3760d ago

I love this quote - "are we going to go over to Microsoft, how much will they pay us. You know, all this weird stuff". classic.

Keowrath3760d ago

Capt CHAOS, MS4???? MS? as in "SHOTGUN!" ahhh no, that's Metal Slug! Have some respect please, it's MGS4 =)

I'm just playing with ya, having visions of snake running round eating loads of melons though and getting really fat "WOAH! BIG!"

Hmmm, maybe I need to get out more =/

On topic, I think MGS4 "could" hit the 1 million sales but at the end of the day all I really care about is that I'll be playing it the day of release and I'll be taking time off to do so. This is my most anticipated title this Gen and it's going to be PHAT!

MikeGdaGod3759d ago

i'm grabbing this day one. it is by far, my most anticipated game EVER! nothing else will matter on launch day. NOTHING!!!

.........hope my girl doesn't read this

barom3759d ago

a lot of you are forgetting that the article they mentioned was written months and months ago.

I don't even think they've announced the 40gb back then

dafinaldays3759d ago

Yes I also agree with capt CHAOS i just got into playin some of the old metal gear games and from wat ive played with and what Ive seen on videos there is no doubt that MGS4 will hit da 1 million mark and yea (Wii with most sales b/c of its casual gamerz)

Daishi3759d ago

"This is my most anticipated title this Gen and it's going to be PHAT!" Maybe for fans but not the most anticipated overall. I'd give that to Halo 3 or GTA4. Like it or not Halo 3 sold more than anything else day one period, but it's got competition in GTA4 that's for sure. But on topic this article is very old and I'm pretty sure at least 1/10 of PS3 owners are planning on picking this up day 1 making 1 million easy.

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Alvadr3760d ago

With the anticipation surrounding this game 1ml shouldn't be a problem in the first week.. But first days?

Plus I dont understand why it has to be in the first day.

sonarus3760d ago

think about it. 1st day sales for a game like devil may cry reaches about 100 grand in JA. mgs4 1st day sales have to be in the 250,000 range NA 1st day sales has to be in the 400-600,000 range and europe makes up the rest easily covering over a million in 1st day. But this is under given incentives to make a gamer choose 2 buy the game on day 1. A midnight launch some promotions and really strong advertising

ravinash3760d ago

Big first day sales just add to the hype and encourages more sales.
it makes no difference if the game was sold on the 1st day or the 10th, they still get the money for it...but if it sell a lot on the first day, then it gets a reputation for being a popular game and there fore more people will look at it.
Why do you think shops have those charts of top 10 selling games???
Because people are sheep, and will buy what everyone else is buying because its popular.

Big Jim3760d ago

So if it only sells fifty copies the first day, but 60 million three weeks later then its a failure? That quote never made any sense. It doesn't have to do anything the "first day". It just needs to sell a lot, and it will.

The Closing3760d ago

Exactly what i've been wondering. What all the money they make from sales other than day one goes to charity then? Does the money disappear into the atmosphere never to be heard from again?

The Closing3760d ago

Although the first day is prolly the strongest sales a game will get, and it needs to peak at at-least that many copies. Still think it will do just fine to say the least.

Either way GOTY right there!

Chubear3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

He didn't mean they HAVE to sell 1 million copies on day one to turn a profit, he jsut meant that if they were to turn a profit on day one they'd have to sell 1 million.

So he's just stating that when MGS4 hits a million, they'll start to turn a profit that's all and if they sell that on day one then they'll turn profit on day one.

The way people are twisting his comment makes it seem like if MGS4 doens't sell 1 million on day one then it's floped and failed.

Gosh, I don't know what's going on with the gaming industry but it jsut seems like there's all of a sudden an overwhleming urge to be ignorant and negative all the damned time. It's gotten very sickening.

SO what, MGS4 sells 900,000 on day one and the gaming media will slap titles like "MGS4 - A COMMERCIAL FLOP!" all over the place whe they damned well know what he meant in his statement. Just anything to get hits and adds on their sites. It's gotten really crazy in the gaming industry.

Kain813760d ago

the limited edition and the normal version.
And i hope the essential collectors edition (MGS1, MGS2 substance,Mgs3 subsistance all Directors Cut) hits Europe. If not than i buy the US-Version. I have allready MGS1 and MGS3 Subsistance, but i am a Huge fan of Kojimas MGS.

Keowrath3760d ago

I'm the same Kain, I think I'm one of Kojimas biggest supporters. I have 4 copies of MGS3 (US standard, JPN special with art book and mini Shagohod, US Subsistance with Legacy DVD and UK Subsistance so I can play it on my PS3)

No doubt I'll be buying a few versions of 4 too.

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