You're not a real fan

Think you're a hardcore? These extreme gamers will make you question your loyalty and devotion

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cow moolester3572d ago

The kid in that picture is ZAMBROTA/TANOD/Shmee/nasim

Liquid Ocelot3572d ago

Actually the kid in the pic is the Mart.

gololo3572d ago

nah...i think that is Power of Green....yep that's him

Leathersoup3572d ago

I buy tons of games but I don't play them that much...

Tyrael3571d ago

It's Chris Farley's illegitimate child.

Sugreev20013571d ago

My collection of games are about 1000 - 1200 at the moment.I also own Atari 2600,NES,Sega Genesis,Sega Game Gear,Gameboy,Super Nintendo,Psone,N64,PS2,PSP,Nin tendo DS,Xbox360 and the PS3 - what does that make me.