GameStop deals (9/26 – 10/2) - 2 for $30 games, Mass Effect 3 for $20

Take a look at the deals from this week's GameStop ad.

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Robotronfiend1578d ago

Bought ME3 a couple weeks ago during their $20 sale. I think it was Labor Day weekend.

Persistantthug1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I mean, it's been 6 months since release, and now they start to clearance some stuff out right before other stores start clearancing this game out.

6 months is about the time games start going for $20 anyways.

Now, I bought the game for $30 ($29.96) from FRY'S ELECTRONICS in May, which was 2 months after the game came out. That was more amazing at the time, in my opinion.

josephayal1578d ago

the dudes at my gamestop are amazing with helping me save money

TisMayo1577d ago

O rly?

You are the very first one to say that.

DivineAssault 1577d ago

Maybe, but ever since they took it over, the ME series went to $hit.. KOTR, Jade Empire, & ME1 were some of their finest work.. The series turned into an action shooter when EA got their hands on it