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Submitted by jsslifelike 1231d ago | opinion piece

Why Nintendo Should Acquire PlatinumGames

Steve Conger writes, "If it isn’t blatantly obvious already, Nintendo seems to be prepared to hit the ground running with the “core” gaming audience when it’s new piece of kit lands later this Fall. It’s no secret that the Wii, for all intents and purposes, was a glorified gimmick for all but those who took the time to see through that facade. So, with the Wii U carrying on the moniker(and perhaps stigma, for that matter) of the previous generation, how does the big “N” go about drawing gaming enthusiasts back into the fold? Software. EXCLUSIVE software." (Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft, Nintendo, okami, PlatinumGames, The Wonderful 101, Vanquish, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago
It seems that Platinum Games has made many a AAA exclusive offering within the Nintendo umbrella of console gaming. With the likes of Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101 and previous exclusive offerings on the Nintendo Wii entertainment system. It would not surprise me one bit if Nintendo was already in negotiations of some kind with Platinum Games.

It has gone on record that someone within Platinum Games (dont remember name) has already shown interest to work with Nintendo in developing the next iteration of the Starfox franchise. First they make multiple exclusive offerings for the Nintendo fanbase, now they show interest in Nintendo 1st party exclusive offerings. It is looking very much some type of collaboration could come to reality in the near future.

After the much anticipated release of Nintendo Wii U entertainment system AAA exclusive Bayonetta 2. I hope that Nintendo shines its innovative light toward the under appreciated Vanquish IP as well. Vanquish 2 co developed with Nintendo would be a very tasty treat.

Nintendo has been showing great interest in satisfying the hardcore gamer next generation just as much as the casual supporters. A merge with AAA software giant Platinum Games could be an Ace in the hole as far as winning business strategy is concerned. And would provide an earth shattering MEGATON announcement at one of the many gaming conferences throughout the year. I am going to keep my lucky Super Mario hat around in hopes that a deal like this is etched into stone.

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Theyellowflash30  +   1231d ago
Kaos dude you are just amazing! I have to get you on a podcast some day!

But yes, Nintendo should go for it and aquire platinum games. Right along with Retro that would be 2 of the top dev teams in the world working for Nintendo. I would love to see another Madworld plus Vanquish!
LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago
Thank you for the support good sir.

Unfortunately for me, Madworld is one of those golden exclusives that I have missed out on. I am going to have to slide over to and scoop that game up when I get the chance. I have heard nothing but great things about it.

I am still waiting to play Anarchy Reigns, but there is no trace of that game anywhere.

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ForeAllEternity  +   1231d ago
As much as I hate to say it, as long as PG keeps making quality games I will be a fan of theirs. I'm really not planning on getting a Wii U as my next gen console of choice, but best of luck to PG if Nintendo does acquire them.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1231d ago
If PG ends up with nintendo...
Man, oh man, the Wii-U will definitely be a good competitor for next gen if Nintendo does acquire Plat.Games cause they are very talented developers!
Haha123  +   1231d ago
I wouldnt mind if Nintendo bought platinum games, so long as they continue making amazing games like bayonetta
Knushwood Butt  +   1230d ago
Anarchy Reigns bombed.

That's hardcore.
Information Minister  +   1230d ago
Anarchy Reigns hasn't been released outside of Japan. For all we know, it could turn into a sleeper hit.
YoungPlex  +   1230d ago
Man bro, I like Nintendo, but always thought that you went a little overboard with your comments; you know what? Good stuff! Keep on doing what you do cuz I love to see and hear what people have to say about the truth.

As much as I don't want to admit it, your positive outlook on Nintendo based articles or news, adds a nice twist to all the hate and trolls around here... To be honest with you, I'd rather hear positive stuff about a company instead of trolls slamming, and trying to defend why their company of choice is circling the drain... No matter how many people disagree with you, there's always more that agree with you whether they admit it or not!
LX-General-Kaos  +   1230d ago
Your support is appreciated sir. I usually enjoy your comments as well.
DivineAssault  +   1230d ago
i agree.. I dont share his enthusiasm but i find his posts entertaining.. Always an interesting debate with him.. Professional & respected.. He hurts the fanboys with kind words lol.. He needs to come over to the dark side & give sony his loyalty.. It will be much more rewarding for him as a consumer..
neogeo  +   1230d ago
more like

Rated NE
"for Nintendo Employee" lol
jc48573  +   1231d ago
it's possible.
eagle21  +   1231d ago
Ah sooky sooky
mamotte  +   1231d ago
If haters outrage just for one game, imagine what they will do if Nintendo buys platinum games.

Haters will outrage IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago
The Kaos that will unfold online after an announcement like that would be too much for any mortal to handle alone. I cant even imagine a comment section in an online article. Can you imagine Platinum Games and Retro making a single Nintendo exclusive offering together with Nintendo watching over?

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Theredpurple  +   1231d ago
Haters gon hate and potaters gon potate
blue_cheese  +   1231d ago
its only a matter of time, with how the supported the wii and now with this first party treatment Nintendo is giving to them. seems like they respect each other.
MacDonagh  +   1231d ago
PG and Nintendo would be a good match. Might as well try to reach a new audience when their so-called "fans" treated them so poorly.
killerhog  +   1231d ago
Yeah we treated them poorly, by buying their games that werent on the wii console, but has their sequel exclusive to wiiU? Yup, blame us. Bayonetta sold the most on the ps3 despite being the worst version, yup blame us though. Nintendo is known for censoring games or having them tone down to be more family friendly, if PG wants to make kid games and censored games go for it.


And I know about conker but that wasn't pushing any boundaries, and wasn't popular like other Nintendo kid friendly games.

And how much did that game sale and where's its sequel? Nintendo and adult games never go hand-to-hand. Nintendo is only doing this to try and take away the core that already established themselves on the other consoles. Majority 99% of Nintendo games are kid/family friendly that won't ever change.

Final fight
Mortal kombat

Big examples right there. there's a bunch more but you go look them up they range from SNES to current Nintendo consoles.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago
Yea i know right!

I remember when Nintendo went out of their way to tone down Madworld

Rated M For Mature?
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omarzy  +   1231d ago
What games have the censored? This is not some sarcastic fanboy question. I am curious to know which games because i hear people say that, and i have owned Nintendo consoles since forever, but i never noticed it. maybe i just didn't bother picking up said game? I know they blocked some religious game on eshop, but religion is on a much bigger level than the F word or some skin.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1231d ago

Yes most Nintendo in house developed games are E for Everyone titles. It has been that way from the beginning. That is not going to stop Nintendo from publishing more mature games for their Elite fanbase. Madworld was obviously not made by Nintendo. Nintendo is more or less the Walt Disney of the gaming industry. And just how Walt Disney purchased Marvel which contains violence. Nintendo can publish M For Mature games like they did with Eternal Darkness.

I did not see Nintendo "tone down" the Resident Evil Remake on the Nintendo Gamecube entertainment system, or Resident Evil 4. Which was exclusive at some point in time. Going forward you will see many more mature gaming experiences released within the Nintendo product line. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system has yet to release to the public and there is already a clear window of change in their strategic game plan.

What major platform Bayonetta sold the most on is irrelevant at this point in time. That said title is now a Nintendo Wii U entertainment system exclusive offering.


Bayonetta has already been dropped because of poor sales performance. I am quite sure that Nintendo was aware of that fact before deciding to Publish the sequel. I am sure that they are well aware that the title has a moderate fanbase. Sega dropped the production for a reason, Nintendo decided that one mans junk is another mans treasure. So went on with production anyway.

Most PG titles dont sell well. They make different types of games then what this new generation of gamer has grown accustom to. That has been well documented, and like I said.. Nintendo went on to publish them anyway.

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killerhog  +   1231d ago
And they won't sell, and therefore the majority of their games will always be kid/family friendly. If bayonetta 2 and even vanquish sell poorly (which they will) forget about Nintendo publishing more. PG needs to stay multi with their mature games being focused on the other consoles first. All mature games that do get released on a Nintendo console sell poorly for whatever reason and Nintendo drops it.

Those mature games you are meantiong aren't pushing anything. Bayonetta has a sexual erotic adult oriented theme. Games that are over-the-top bloody (gore) and sexual, never do good on Nintendo consoles. And are usually banned or censored by them (nintendo). Really your gonna bring up resident evil?

Yup and that's smart release an adult oriented game on a console manufacturer synonymous with a kid/family friendly record, where mature games always sell/perform bad. Again like I said, Nintendo is doing this to try and steal some of the core audience, but it won't work and it completely screwed over PG fanbase that are already pissed at them and are stating they will not get a wiiU to play bayonetta or other PG games on. So attract a new audience, what audience? The ones they screwed over and the ones who don't buy these type of games on Nintendo consoles? Just a waste of time, only for it to sell poorly and Nintendo drops it.

And for Marzy
Some of SNK games were censored as well.
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browngamer41  +   1230d ago
All I hear is WAAAAAAHHHHH..get over it-if us Nintendo fans bitched about every little third party exclusive the competition got this gen we'd crash this game and one developer on Nintendo's side and you still whine like a little biatch? Grow up..
MacDonagh  +   1229d ago
"Yeah we treated them poorly, by buying their games that werent on the wii console, but has their sequel exclusive to wiiU?"


noun /enˈtītlmənt/ 
entitlements, plural

The fact of having a right to something - full entitlement to games and game companies should be offered
- you should be fully aware of your entitlements to every game of your favourite franchise by a particular company on the console of your choice and not Nintendo.

The amount to which a person has a right
- annual WAAAAAAAmbumlance entitlement.

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wastedcells  +   1231d ago
Ya that's right they did say something about wanting to make a star fox game! That would be crazy!
smashcrashbash  +   1231d ago
Then Platinum game would lose any of the money they would have made on any current or future consoles. Bayonetta and Vanquish barely did well on a multiple consoles as people seem to forget. So putting it on a single console is just decreasing your audience especially if you are leaving the audience that brought your game in the first place behind. No one wants Bayonetta or Vanquish so much that they would pay hundreds of dollars to play it. As long as greed is good Platinum won't limit the amount of money they could be getting from multiple next gen consoles. They having a good relationship doesn't mean they will sell them the company.Insomniac and Sony had a great relationship together but they wanted to remain independent and refused to join them.

@ mamotte. Only slightly above a million haters. Everyone else doesn't really give a damn.Despite the loud mouths making a fuss about it, most people wouldn't care any more then they cared when the Bayonetta and Vanquish first came out.

@ PopRocks359. I agree fully. I love how people are blowing this out of proportion and how Nintendo fans are pretending as if Nintendo getting Bayonetta is some sort of blockbuster news or something no realizing that it is really is only them still boasting and brooding about it while anyone who wasn't in the million people who brought the first game have already moved on. Now give me my disagrees like I know you will and move along.But remember no one cares as much as people seem to think they do.
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chadboban  +   1231d ago
I've seen the future, and this comments section will take a ride straight to fanboy hell.
PopRocks359  +   1231d ago
That would be nice for Nintendo, but I'm not sure I see it happening. This is just speculation in light of the otherwise massive announcement of Bayonetta 2's exclusivity (which really has no need to be such massive news).
Moncole  +   1231d ago
They already made two Nintendo exclusives and they are making two up coming Nintendo exclusives.
BitbyDeath  +   1231d ago
Would be a good move by Nintendo
Kratoscar2008  +   1231d ago
They should, the WIIU need more harcore games like Bayonnetta 2.
KMCROC54  +   1231d ago
Anybody know what IP they own, i can only recall bayonetta & Vanguish.
Studio-YaMi  +   1231d ago
Anarchy Reigns,Mad world,Metal Gear Rising & the wonderful 101,they do make decent games,best of luck if Nintendo does buy them.
KMCROC54  +   1231d ago
Isn't Metal Gear Rising a K aojima IP,does'nt Anarchy Reigns a
Sega IP.doesnt mafworld belong to nintendo.
jsslifelike  +   1231d ago
I'm pretty sure Bayonetta is a SEGA joint, hence why they are "advisors" on the sequel.
Studio-YaMi  +   1230d ago
Yea I'm sorry,I thought you asked about games they developed,you're actually right,most of their developed IPs don't belong to them..
ozstar  +   1231d ago
I didn't like Madworld, just throwing my two cents in the hat.

But a revised Virtual Joe? fu** n a
MobyRoyale  +   1231d ago
Is that a spin-off of Viewtiful Joe?

I should look into that.

AdmiralSnake  +   1231d ago
It really wouldn't do much. Even if they did which I doubt, nobody is gonna really care.
iamnsuperman  +   1231d ago
They need to prove themselves first. If Bayonetta 2 becomes a solid game then Nintendo might do it. In my opinion, at the moment they haven't proved themselves.
beerkeg  +   1230d ago
They've made some great games already, so how haven't they proved themselves? If Bayonetta was all that they had then I could understand your point, but they've done more than that.
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gamer7804  +   1230d ago
Its obvious nintendo was only interested in getting bayonetta 2 so they could increase their hardcore fanbase. Sure platinum would like to make starfox. But platinum has also mentioned talking to several western studios. They also mentioned interest in kickstarter and making steam games as well.

glad nintendo "saved" bayonetta 2 because its really clear there were absolutely no other avenues to pursue >.>
Segata  +   1230d ago
@killerhog Ignorance is bliss right?

Zangeki no Reginleiv,Giest Force,Conkers Bad Fur day all Published by Nintendo. There is another game that has sexual themes and innuendo. Quite a bit really. Also published by Nintendo. The Last Story. Wait hold on Nintendo also Co owns the IP to Fatal Frame. They also published Pandora's Tower. That game you have to kill monsters in several towers then feed the flesh of those monsters to a girl who is a vegetarian to stop her from turning into a hideous beast.

I also remember Zelda Majoras Mask being a very dark game esp many of the side stories. TP had it's dark moments as well.

Nintendo is not afraid of gore or sex or anything Mature rated.
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Gekko  +   1230d ago
It would be more beneficial for gamers as a whole if they stayed independent. That way they could release more games for more than one console and make more money in the process.
DFresh  +   1230d ago
Stupid article writer don't give Nintendo any ideas like that.

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