How to unlock Akira, Alpha-152, Gen Fu, Pai and Sarah in Dead or Alive 5

The requirements have been revealed for unlocking the five hidden characters (Akira Yuki, Alpha-152, Gen Fu, Pai Chan and Sarah Bryant) in Dead or Alive 5.

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Lucretia1997d ago

my main gripe with the VF characters, is they ripped the audio straight from VF5.......VF5 has horrible sound quality, the recording studio musta been crap.

and the voice acting wwas terrible, its pretty apparent in Doa5, wish they would have re-recorded the sounds

DirtyLary1996d ago

That's what Sega gave them to work with.. Least we got em.

Lucretia1996d ago

true enough haha.

still instead of having VF character i wish there were all new characters, still love my sarah and pai chan though :P

hope Momiji is in the next doa

Nemesis45671996d ago

If there is another DOA, the reactions I've seen on the boards and reviews seemed pretty mixed. So lets only hope for the best.

DivineAssault 1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

How many titles are in it? i unlocked pai already but i want alpha too.. Your right Lucretia lol.. the voice samples are from VF5.. It was prolly a licensing issue with sega not wanting anyone else doing it & tecmo didnt wanna pay em to make new ones.. Ive been playing the game with the pulse wireless sony headphones & im amazed.. It rumbles with the controller & the danger zone explosions are incredible.. I was kinda shook up & had to lower the pulse impact to about midway...

Lord_Sloth1997d ago

A little over 500 titles I think. I'm trying to pick and choose titles I know I can get right now. I'm pretty sure I've breached 200.