PI: EA Sports to Release "Replacement Refs" Patch for Madden '13

EA Sports today announced that, in an effort to keep Madden '13 as realistic an NFL simulation as possible, they will be releasing a new update to their bestselling game, which will alter the game's referee AI to be more accurate to current NFL officiating standards.

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ftwrthtx2067d ago

LOL That's pretty funny.

Entropic2067d ago

Hahaha, "If it's in the game, it's in the game" as they say, haha.

ftwrthtx2067d ago

So catching the catcher in the end zone gives the opposing team a touchdown.

StrawHatPatriot2067d ago

So they add this, but don't bother to fix the other numerous problems (weight, momentum, a.i, blocking, penalties, challenges, etc.)

rdgneoz32066d ago

"All articles of the Potentially Inaccurace series are satire. Enjoy responsibly."

Know what a satire is?

tallkidoPL2067d ago

Favre would have so many tds by throwing ints its funny