Muramasa: The Demon Blade Has Brand New DLC Story For PlayStation Vita

Siliconera: Marvelous AQL is bringing Muramasa: The Demon Blade to PlayStation Vita. This version will have a completely new DLC story temporarily titled "The Bizarre Genroku Tale.

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sinncross1940d ago

Oh nice.
So going to pick this up!

sinncross1940d ago

I live in Japan so that is not an issue for me :)

smashcrashbash1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Ha!!!! So much for it just being a simple port.Not only are we getting portable Muramasa for the VITA we are getting more story for our money.

@ ProphecyTheProphet. Why not? Muramasa came out on the Wii in the west as well as all the other games the company made

Xof1940d ago

You know, I really hate how the Vita and 3DS are relying so much on ports and updates of games on other consoles for their libraries.

And maybe I'm a bit bitter that Muramasa has been sitting, unplayed, in my backlog for more than a year and will probably still be there when I download the Vita version.

smashcrashbash1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I can give you a whole list of games for the VITA that aren't ports.

Xof1940d ago

And you can also give me a list of Vita games that are ports/updates.

So your point would be... what?

Cupid_Viper_31940d ago

His point is pretty clear actually....

Bimkoblerutso1940d ago

Well, I've kind of come to accept that the Vita is sort of a nostalgia machine, first and foremost.

I mean, yeah there are some stellar original games out or coming out, but for the most part I've been playing the hell out of PSOne classics, and I find myself most looking forward to all these little Japanese gems (forgotten or otherwise) they seem to like porting over.

Hicken1939d ago

lmao, really?

The fact that a rather lengthy list of non-ports exists invalidates your whole claim. Thus smash's point is perfectly clear, as Cupid says.

I swear, some people don't think before they type.

ForRealz171940d ago

Love ports! Why? Because most of them I've never played before. Sold my Wii 4 years ago so this game will be nice.
Never played Persona 4 so it'll be sweet since I've heard nothing but great things about it.

MEsoJD1940d ago

Nice, Muramasa was the best game on the wii in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.