Game|Life Interview: Shane Kim Talks Xbox in 2008

Shane Kim, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, is unflappable. No matter how many times you bring up uncomfortable situations, he remains calm and collected.

And with Sony making inroads in Europe and Nintendo ready to overtake Microsoft's North American userbase this year with Wii, Kim has a great many challenges on his plate as the head of Microsoft's software development. Casual games are taking over, but Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, for better or worse, is still the Halo box. spoke with Shane Kim at DICE, covering topics from the company's plan for Europe to checking in with first-party games like Too Human and Alan Wake.

And somebody mentions Gears of War 2. (Hint: It wasn't Shane.)

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LocustGR3761d ago

Xbox 360 line-up this year is the most mysterious of all three consoles: we don't know nothing.
Alan Wake is TBA, as well Infinite Undiscovery, Banjo 3, Huxley, Cry On and so on.
Many exclusives and first party games are TBA or potential multiplat.
Perhaps this is a new strategy...I don't know.

I'm not a fanboy, this is just what I think.

khsmooth3761d ago

MS is keeping a very tight lip on what they may have planned for this year, and I can only think that they're trying out a new stategy. Last year a lot of stuff was leaked and all the hype came around the leaked info so much that when it was time for the actually annoucement; then it was like a disappointment cause we already knew about it.

So maybe now they're not saying anything so we can be excited for whatever it is that they announce. And that's just a pure guess. It'll be real interesting to see how both systems shape up this year, I feel like this year will be a bigger year for gaming then last year.