Analysis of Americas Sales for the Week Ending February 2, 2008

VGChartz's Jacob Mazel writes:

February-April (pre-GTA IV) 2008 levels from the January transition period. The exception to the rule was PS3 – which increased its sales from the previous week. One possible explanation for this would be the release of Turok on PS3 – as the game was the top selling PS3 title for the week.

.....Feb 2nd.....Jan 26th...%
Wii: 90,601......111,053 -18%
DSL: 148,927...150,058..-1%
PS3: 53,443.....50,561...+6%
PSP: 66,075.....67,545...-2%
360: 65,837.,....71,414....-8%
PS2: 55,828.....57,161....-2%

Things are a bit more interesting year over year. Wii is down slightly, Xbox 360 sold nearly identically to last year – despite a price cut and the launch of its biggest game – and the PS3 is only up 11%.

.....2/3/2007...2/2/2008...YoY Change
Wii: 94,455....90,601........-4%
DSL: 85,277...148,927.......+75%
PS3: 48,312....53,443.......+11%
PSP: 50,707....66,075.......+30%
360: 65,970.....65,837........0%
PS2: 69,749....55,828.......-20%

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sonarus3600d ago

summary: ps3 on the rise 360 goin dwn

blacsheep3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

but i dont think the 360 is going down i just think its hit its peak and the ps3 is now starting to jog from a slow crawl.

remember the tortoise and the hare story?

well the ps3 is the tortoise,and it will surpass the hare (360)
and remember this is without the big guns yet just wait til ps3 hits its stride with its big hitters in the next couple of months,its like watching a movie when you know whats coming and your just waiting for the climax!

mikeslemonade3600d ago

This is why it's premature to say that 360 is a success. As a customer I would be pissed if a 2 year old console is already becoming obsolete. Now Granted PS3 is only one year old but the future is bright with blu-ray and strong 2008 lineup. Blu-ray basically gurantees a consistent growth. With 360 it has to rely on games and anyone who isn't close minded would agree that the games for 2008 won't be as a great as the 2007 lineup.

FirstknighT3600d ago

"With 360 it has to rely on games"


Chubear3600d ago

Gosh I hate VGC with a passion.

chrno63600d ago

wow ps3 came very close to the 360 this week in terms of sales.

ceedubya93600d ago

on the console AND its accessories. Make those hDDs more price accessible. Stop waiting and start making moves.

kewlkat0073600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Wii - Not slowing down by much....
Ps3 - On the rise....
Xbox 360 - Can you say Steady..

WTF - "With 360 it has to rely on games"..ooohhh no Not Games.

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