David Jaffe looking to sell Eat Sleep Play, but not right now

Now that David Jaffe parted with Sony to form Eat Sleep Play, everyone expects good things out of Twisted Metal and God of War's creator. It's fun to speculate, and we always imagine how crazy it would be to see the company develop an epic car combat game for Microsoft or an interstellar action game for Electronic Arts in the veins of Mass Effect.

While Jaffe expressed his lack of interest in high-budget tiles, he also made it clear that getting acquired by a publisher is a desired business move. Jaffe told GameTap in an interview:

I want to sell our company. Scott (former Incognito head, Eat Sleep Play co-founder) wants to sell our company. We're all looking to do that one day. That's the plan. That's how you make money in this business.

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SRuN43724d ago

They'll sell it to Sony, so why even leave in the first place?

Its made up of former Sony employees, they know what to expect from Sony, and they still have two more PS3 games to make after the PS3 Twisted Metal game. So they'll be working with them for 6 years to come (if each game takes 2 years), so I dont see who else will buy them (I'm sure people will want to but they'll give Sony the upper hand because of their closeness).

Genki3724d ago

There were some terms that Sony and Jaffe wouldn't agree on...which is precisely why he left in the first place. The developer relationship will still be there, but I wouldn't count on him going back to Sony unless they can reconcile.

Le-mo3724d ago

Jaffe can sell it to Sony, but can still be the head of the his company just like Hideo Jojima. Even though Konami allowed Kojima to form his own company under Konami, Kojima makes most of the calls when it comes to his games, so I think Jaffe can do just that under Sony's management.

Iamback3724d ago

Sony will buy them after 3 game contract is over. Jaffe and Scot will keep their positions and continue to work at Eat Sleep Play

ruibing3724d ago

They haven't really made any big games yet at that studio aside from the Twisted Metal ones for PSP and PS2. They can probably sell after they a release for the PS3.

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