Gamestop Updates Their System Trade In Values - Get $100 For Your PS Vita And $125 For Your PS3

If you're currently a PowerUp Rewards member at Gamestop, they have updated their trade in values list for all of the systems, including a $125 credit for your PS3.

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1999d ago
dazzrazz1999d ago

...and thats how Gamestop makes sum money !

JoGam1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Game Stop can kiss my ass for $125. They can do it right now for $100. SMH!.

LOGICWINS1999d ago

Estarland...that is all.

subtenko1998d ago

Nothing new here. Remember the video of the guy who got COD MW early? He tried to sell it before release date unopened and they said they would give him $24 for it. That is the craziest evidence you can get for how crazy it is. $24 for a game not even released publicly yet unopened right in front of them "how much can I get for this?" and to hear $24.... I want to know who makes the rules for this..

They have the right to do this but its not right!

tisoyboy21998d ago

Game stop won't take a game that is unopened (wrapper still on). I just tried last week. They will tell you to bring it back "another day" with it opened. its against store policy. You can't even open it there to give it to them.

BringingTheThunder1999d ago

as much as these prices are low, $30 for a ps2 isnt bad

tachy0n1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

you can easily get $50 if you post it on Ebay.

for a PS3 you can get $200+ (i sold my PS3 Fat backwards compatible for $250)

PSVitas are selling for $220+ also and most of them come with 8GB memory cards and accessories.

GameStop is the worst place to sell your stuff.

BringingTheThunder1999d ago

really? thats not bad.

i've seen 60GB ps3's going for up to $400 recently

Pushagree1999d ago

Gamestop is instant cash that has to be resold for profit. Ebay will take longer, but you will get more money than simply pawning at at Gamestop. Got to weigh in whether you want fast cash for less or more cash for a longer wait (plus you have to pay to ship it). There are pros and cons for each depending on the situation.

Bimkoblerutso1999d ago

^ The mark-up is consumer rape, plain and simple. They'll give you like ten bucks for your games and then sell them used for five dollars off retail. It's really crazy.

tisoyboy21998d ago

Why so many disagrees? its true. If you have the patience, you will make more selling on ebay or Craiglist. You only benefit from GS if you wait for the 3/5/7 game trade bonuses.

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ftwrthtx1999d ago

$100 for a Vita that they can turn around and sell for $250? Ouch!

Skate-AK1999d ago

That's only if you are a Power Up Rewards member. My friend took his Vita with Modnation, Mortal Kombat, and Resistance and they only wanted to give him $60.

ftwrthtx1999d ago

I would have told them to get real and walked to the nearest pawn shop.

ConstipatedGorilla1999d ago

"I would have told them to get real and walked to the nearest pawn shop."

lol... they couldn't care less. They just work there, they don't own the place.

ddurand11999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

your friend is lying to you.

gamestop is essentially a pawn shop. they need to make money. they dont negotiate like pawn shops.

its a business.

3-4-51998d ago

they can't sell a used one for $250. Stop making stuff up.

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