Spielberg: don't quit your day job

"Movies to games = bad. Movie directors to game developers = even worse?"

Gameplayer takes a look at the bizarre entry of legendary film director Steven Spielberg to the games scene.

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AndrewR3757d ago

Why is this guy, WHO HASN'T EVEN PLAYED THE GAME, ripping on it? Is it his time of the month? When did game journalist become so ridiculous that reviews could preview a game with bad word of mouth after having seen the screenshots?

According to other sources (yes, the pinch-of-salt Surfer Girl), Boom Blox is set to be one of the best 3rd party titles on the Wii this year.

GuardianEarth3757d ago

This guy hasn't even played the game! Who the hell is he to say it sucks? Or if the concept sucks? The game could be quite good. So wait until its out and then judge. Geez, he sounds like one of those deranged Sonic fans who thought they liked the Next Gen game.

Saint Sony3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Guys like him makes the reviewers often seem like worthless piece of "#%"&!#¤&am p;am p;"#%"#¤"# % "#&"¤&# ! He tries to be so damn cool, clever and funny while bashing it, but failing miserably.

He really has a bit too big ego for the "job" like his. At least he should wait and play the game first like rest of the gamers/reviewers.

Tristan Ogilvie, you have just officially failed big time. Good luck.

ChickeyCantor3757d ago

his article is pathetic.

people expect to much these days.

Monteblanco3757d ago

I am glad to the fact Spielberg designed a game, not a movie disguised as a game. Concerning the article, I guess the editor was drunk at the time he allowed it to be published.

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