Street Fighter IV Arcade Revealed

Check out the video showing off the new SFIV arcade...

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nirun3596d ago

/me starts playing sf3 in preparation

bigjclassic3596d ago

i wanna play the arcade version.

JeepGamer3595d ago

Looks like they forgot to put the main logo on the machine, it should say "Street Fighter 2.5 3D: Nothing New Edition" somewhere on that machine.

Enigma_20993595d ago

Okay, you disagreed with him... now let's see you prove it. CONVINCE ME.

OC Shock Value3595d ago

niccee.. That every sign of life means its closer and closer to console release.. My cash will be waiting

Doctor Strange3595d ago

I can't wait to see more of SFIV in action. That arcade unit looks nice though.

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