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Submitted by doctorstrange 1231d ago | news

New PS3 Sells Out on Amazon, But Doesn't Break Into The Top 10

With the new 'super-slim' PS3 out today in the US, no one was really sure how the market would react considering the console actually costs more than the regular slim, but adds in more value. Now it looks like the new product has sold out on Amazon... but that might just be because there wasn't enough stock. - PSLS (PS3)

Sev  +   1231d ago
Wow, already? Maybe they didn't need that price drop yet.
wane   1231d ago | Spam
Abash  +   1231d ago
Good job with sales but I hope Sony has plenty of shipments ready for the holidays
Army_of_Darkness   1231d ago | Bad language | show
DocEvil  +   1231d ago
@ army_of_darkness
I typed 'playtation 3' in the search box and it was the first hit.
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AzaziL  +   1230d ago
Nice, Amazon dropped the price on the older consoles by 4 cents, almost saved me a nickel
sikbeta  +   1230d ago

This model was supposed to be revealed @ GamesCom, but there was to much remaining stock of current Slim V1, they know how many untis are in stores and don't need to worry about demand.
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miyamoto  +   1230d ago
Bloggers can't leave Sony even for one minute , can they?

Why is Sony or PS3 or Vita bloggers favorite topic to bash and bark on?

Is it because they live off their careers out of the Sony fans?
Syntax-Error  +   1230d ago
It's because they released a new item. Secondly, the system is not selling off the chain because its only $20 less than the other model. No savings whatsoever
CalvinKlein  +   1230d ago
sony is just creating fake demand...
wane  +   1231d ago
I think the question is how many were in stock?
NastyLeftHook0  +   1231d ago
exactly, they must have not had ten tons or anything because they would be gone.
smashcrashbash  +   1230d ago
How come no one is saying that about the Wii U? How come no one thinks that the retails are creating fake demand or asking how many were in stock when it sold out? Why is it the new PS3 selling out HAS to be fake but the Wii U selling out MUST be real?
josephayal  +   1231d ago
Wow the wii u and ps3 sold out
kneon  +   1231d ago
Maybe in the US, but I still get several emails a day from EBgames telling me to order my Wii U before it's too late. I just got another about an hour ago.
sikbeta  +   1230d ago
Wii-U for sure, PS3s are everywhere and production is constant.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1231d ago

disagrees! ps3 sells out on amazon and i get disagrees.
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Brosy   1231d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
GribbleGrunger  +   1231d ago
Brosy is the perfect example of why Sony fans get sick and tired of 360 owners. They just can't stop themselves from coming in every article. They gloat in all the negative articles and stampede any positive news, and then when you point it out, they complain you are bringing it up! You've got to love N4G.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand: It 'would' appear that perhaps Sony have released what small stock they have in order to get some early sales. Clearly Amazon wasn't stocked with that many and some stores haven't got any in stock at all. It's also obvious that, despite those that attempt to pretend the new Slimmer PS3 is more expensive, people are actually seeing the value of the bundles and the new design.

You have to also understand that older stock needs to sell and so it could also be a strategic move to help retailers clear that out before fully stocking the newer build.

I expect a steady rise in average sales but not a HUGE spike as some may think. But in my opinion it's better to have a raised average than a big spike followed by a huge fall.
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Ben_Grimm  +   1231d ago
You of all people are NOT the one to talk given your history Gribble. You have to love N4G for the same people who complain about others but yet in turn do the same thing themselves.
Allsystemgamer  +   1231d ago
Have you not seen a halo or gears article? Jut as many Sony fanboys so dont play the innocent card. Especially you.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1231d ago
GribbleGrunger writes:
"Brosy is the perfect example of why Sony fans get sick and tired of 360 owners."

Oh really?

GribbleGrunger wrote:
"What else would 360 owners do if not write articles like this? Play Kinect Starwars?"

Want to tell me again how you're not biased? You know what people are really getting sick of? This idea that people need to either be a Sony fan or a XBOX fan. How about we be a fan of videogames, and stop this notion of calling others trolls while trolling at the same time?

As for the topic, unless Sony lowers the price of the PS3 overall i don't expect sales to waver either way. There will be a blip from those who have to have the newest design but sales will once again flatten out to where they were. The Wii, XBOX 360 and the PS3 are not on a steady rise, they are all on the decline from year over year.

@GribbleGrunger below

Tell me, why would i be upset? What logical reason could you possibly give? None. I am not some delusional fanboy who feels its his or her duty to make sure Sony (or any other company) is being fairly represented. Nor do i count all the negative topics during the past year to come to some sort of consensus. I have a life.

That article was from a site called PlanetPlaystation so i'm not sure beyond that how you came to the conclusion it was written by a XBOX360 owner. Even if that person does own a XBOX360 that doesn't mean anything because most sites (IGN, Gamespot ect.) have access to all the systems as well. So either you are going somewhere on your own or you really don't have a life in order to do a complete history recap of every author. Either way, what the topic has shown is that it is actually you who is upset and not me. Since you feel it's your duty to somehow balance things out when we all know in reality that is impossible coming from you.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1231d ago
You rarely find me in 360 threads. However you are ALWAYS in Ps3 thread... which, of course, is why I point it out so often.

You see, you really need to understand context dear chap:

"What else would 360 owners do if not write articles like this? Play Kinect Starwars?"

I wrote that purposely because the person who posted yet another negative article was a 360 owner. Just a little dig to even the balance occasionally. Clearly I really upset you. I can't understand why to be honest. I seldom swear or call people names... I tend to get on with even minded, intelligent people. Perhaps it's my console of choice.

Oh, before I go:

'How about we be a fan of videogames, and stop this notion of calling others trolls while trolling at the same time?'

Points don't come that cheaply. Now could you kindly stop trolling me and find some other fascination. thanks :)
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Ben_Grimm  +   1231d ago
"You rarely find me in 360 threads. However you are ALWAYS in Ps3 thread... which, of course, is why I point it out so often."

Are we not Ps3 owners too?

"Just a little dig to even the balance occasionally."

Lol, no one is upset, I actually find it hilarious that you think you have to balance some cosmic scale or else the tide will turn and the 360 console will win the war. But we can sleep easy thanks to Gribble defending the frontline with an occasional troll comment.

"Points don't come that cheaply. Now could you kindly stop trolling me and find some other fascination. thanks :) "

No, that won't be the case. You see Gribble you and others seem to be under the delusion of that people are "following" you but when you damn near pop up in every single article and make insane or untrue statements then please don't get all riled up when you get called out.
GribbleGrunger  +   1231d ago
Well unless you pop up in Sony threads I doubt I'll be seeing you that often. I do find it odd though that someone who claims to love all consoles equally feels it necessary to confront someone who demands equality on N4G. With regularity this site is filled with Nintendo and Sony negativity and yet you see no problem? I wouldn't mind betting that even though you are console agnostic, you have a favourite... and I'm pretty sure I can guess which one it is.

Levelhead: You should never assume that all comments are aimed specifically at you. I tend to generalise to avoid being too personal. Although in this case I commented about Brosy... or are you Brosy with another account?

And why the frickin 'ell would I write in this stupid pompous style if I really wanted to 'sidetrack' attention from myself? LOLOL!!
#4.2.6 (Edited 1231d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(11) | Report
BrutallyBlunt  +   1231d ago
I had to laugh about that comment too and me being in every PS3 article. I've only made 1400 comments in over 3 years and they are not just PS3 topics. In comparison GribbleGrunger has almost double and he's only been around less than a year so chances are he's in a few i have been in. I have commented in XBOX360 and Vita and Wii U topics as well. Also why wouldn't i post in PS3 topics since i own one and enjoy it? In fact i probably use it more than my XBOX360, PSP and Wii.

The guy makes no sense but i guess he needs to sidetrack the attention away from him somehow.

updated comment
"Levelhead: You should never assume that all comments are aimed specifically at you. I tend to generalise to avoid being too personal."

Ok, that makes more sense now. Thank-you.
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kikizoo  +   1231d ago
"There will be a blip from those who have to have the newest design but sales will once again flatten out to where they were. "

yeah sure, delusional boyz, but selling way better worldwide than competition, like each years...even vgchartz can't hide that now.
StreetsofRage  +   1230d ago
Grunger still getting verbally pwned I see.

It's not N4G without a Grunger fail.
Hicken  +   1230d ago
It's Amazing
You two- LevelHead and Ben Grimm- spend more time attacking people for defending Sony than anything else(most particularly LevelHead). And don't let somebody note some sort of hypocrisy or bias. Hell, don't let anybody say ANYTHING positive about Sony around you two.

You both LOVE to call others out for being a fanboy, or otherwise being "too" into gaming. But you're both absolutely obsessed with "correcting" people whose views you don't agree with, whose passion you don't share.

You like to make note of other people's bubbles, or lack thereof, yet you both still sit at just three. If you were really so different from everybody else on the site, why don't you have more?

Why does this site that you and others call a "Sony haven" have so many Sony fans with so few bubbles? How does that make sense?
CalvinKlein  +   1230d ago
OMG a 360 fanboy that is as crazy as you ps3 fanboys, you should get upset and cry about that I think. God forbid there is a fanboy like you but likes 360 instead of ps3.
insomnium2  +   1230d ago
LOL @ Ben grimm for "Lol, no one is upset". It seems you keep commenting on Gribbles comments no matter what he says. That tells me you are upset....or wait...wait.... are you being the father of gribble too...just watching and guiding your offspring...? Is that it this time too?

You should just call gribble an idiot and call it a day. You are a noob on this site and noone should care about noobs crying for "teh proof" and such about stuff that went on here. You are late for the party so sit down and shut up. Same with streetsofrage. He should grow up a little too before talking back to adults. Getting sick and tired of seeing these pro x360 stealth trollers around here.

Waiting on ben grimms smartass PM.....oh right I think I blocked you so you are going to have to hunt for me in other news....too bad....
#4.2.12 (Edited 1230d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Syntax-Error  +   1230d ago
I beg to differ
I love my PS3(360 owner as well), but they are not making strides on winning this thing. Releasing yet ANOTHER slimmer model is not the answer. If they released this model w/o all the fluff, they could at least make a cheaper unit($199). MS has done it well over 2 years and continues to make a profit from it. If Sony had a $200 sku I am sure more homes would have one. Selling it for $20 less than it's predecessor is stupid. Customers look at it and see $299 for a 250GB generation 2 and then see $269 for a generation 3 and wonder what's the difference. Then they see a $299 250GB 360 sitting next to a $199 360 and say "guess which one I'm buying for my 10 yr old
DivineAssault  +   1231d ago
The console isnt really a launch tho.. Its a redesign.. A damn nice one if u ask me.. I wouldnt mind getting one but it would be a waste cuz i already own a PS3.. If it ever takes a dump on me (like xbox) ill get this model for sure.. Lowest end tho so i can put the 500 gigger i have now in it..
#5 (Edited 1231d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ronin4life  +   1231d ago
A couple things I think should be considered:

This isn't a NEW console release, and there are other PS3 iterations still being sold. This thing doesn't need to have a huge presence, and having few overall consoles sell out would be better than making a ton that sit on shelves. Quantities could be purposely "small" in order to maintain realistic expectations.

On the other hand, with several stores having no availability and Amazon running out of a seemingly limited stock, it could be sign that Sony may be having logistic/production problems. That wouldn't bode well for a company in their position.

Of course, the reality may fall somewhere in between... as these things often do.
StreetsofRage  +   1231d ago
Their is always sell outs with new designs. Usually from the hardcore. What really is the telling sign of success is when it's sold out after a month or so. For example the Vita sold well the first few weeks but plummeted after that. Just the faithful that purchases these.
Knight_Crawler  +   1231d ago
Your avatar it bleeds nostalgia.
ZeekQuattro  +   1231d ago
I know right. Bare knuckle!!!
mdkgod43  +   1231d ago
Wow this is crazy even Newegg sold out of the uncharted3 bundle ps3 super slim
GamerElite  +   1231d ago
I tried to get one from Newegg but was too late. Already out of stock
#8.1 (Edited 1231d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
mdkgod43  +   1231d ago
im good with my slim, maybe if sony added dual band wireless N i would have picked one up
PersonaCat  +   1231d ago
I grabbed mine on Sunday when amazon put them up. Just waiting for it to be delivered... damn amazon and their non release date delivery for consoles!
mdkgod43  +   1231d ago
please make a video on youtube
medziarz  +   1231d ago
No it didn't sell out. They just never began selling them because of a huge stock of the discontinued models they want to clear. The new models are available for pre-order if someone desperately wants one...
Belking  +   1231d ago
They should be focused on selling more Vitas.
Raoh  +   1231d ago
In America? Who knows...

But in Australia it was announced that the PS3 was the number one console. Australia is getting the new PS3 with only the 12gb model etc.. and the US is not. Yet..

Its obviously selling in the uk, au, and asian markets..

america is now microsoft nintendo land so there are probably still a lot of ps3's unsold that need to be sold before the new models become popular and since america loves cheap the older ps3's for cheaper will sell faster than the new models.

meh.. I'm a ps3/pc gamer.. I hate cheap plastic sh!t which is why I got rid of my 360's.. maybe this new cheaper plastic ps3 will appeal to the cheap crowd once the price drops.
WiiLovePS360  +   1231d ago
From the article:

"Now it looks like the new product has sold out on Amazon… but that might just be because there wasn’t enough stock."

"But, instead, the console is only number 42 on the top 100 selling video games – below the 30 of the regular slim. It also failed to break into the top 10 of the movers and shakers. For comparison’s sake, the Xbox 250GB is currently at no.32, the 4GB Kinect version is at 36 and the 4GB standalone is at 40."

Selling out in this case appears to be a case of not having much stock, not that it sold extraordinarily well. Need to give it until the October NPD figures to see if it sold well.
#13 (Edited 1231d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
horndog  +   1231d ago
Amazon! Lol! I remember when the console war was being measured by how much the ps3 sold on amazon. It was selling great but every time npd numbers got release it told a different story . Lol!!
Bowzabub  +   1231d ago
Test run.
solidworm  +   1230d ago
is this supposed to be a surprise to anyone,
Mkai28  +   1230d ago
No wonder I didn't see it on amazon
iHeartHelloKitty  +   1230d ago
I want this PS3. /((_x

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