GameTrailers: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Preview

The world's most realistic driving sim is almost here.

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Lord Anubis3483d ago

since when is a Honda Integra type R a modest machine!

and the comment about the cokpit, that's what I use on the demo and that is definitely my new standard view. If he is not a racing fan he should not previewing/reviewing a racing game!

sonarus3483d ago

agreed GT is about realism with the simulation and thats the cokpit(WTF n4g aint lettin me spell c-o-c-k)takes it farther than all the views. All true GT fans have switched to this view it is the only way to drive assuming you have a wheel though. If you are driving with a dualshock 3/sixaxis its not so nice. GT prologue is outsell forza motorsport and i will laugh when it does. You cannot resist the GT fan nation there are just too many of us out there

marinelife93483d ago

I hope you can set up online races with the "in car view" (got around that "c" word) standard. That's the only way to race.

DTClown3483d ago

So does the $40.00 for Prologue go towards GT5 the full game? Or when the game is finished, it will cost ya another $60.00 for the FULL game? That could make this game a $100.00 title! That is way too much to spend on one software title! period.

It better go towards the full game where you can pay the extra $20.00 when GTA5 is released and download the other cars and tracks.

sonarus3483d ago

lol nope. GT prologue isnt for the average gamer its for the fan and his friends who were unfortunately convinced to fork over their cash. Only good news for prologue owners is their stats and some other stuff will transfer from prologue so its sort of a head start when GT5 hits. Yes its unfair and a game like this shouldnt sell for up to 40 bucks but my guess is this is sony's way of making profits at the end of the day estimated worldwide sales for prologue will probably be about 2-2.5million but prologue might dampen GT5 sales unless GT5 comes out adding a whole lot more than jst cars ppl who bought prologue might not feel like going for GT5. Regardless i am one of those nutty fans who will be paying 100 bucks for full GT experience. Not to mention the 250 i gotta spend on the new wheel. Had to make a choice rockband or new wheel lol decided on wheel

Jamaicangmr3483d ago

I just watched that video like 4 times in HD. I LOVE the GT series my #1 gave franchise bar none. As the previewer said fans of the series have already made up their minds to get it. You can be sure that i'll be amoung the masses of 1st week sales. The only reason am not gonna buy this off the PS store is because i want the physical disc. This is gonna tide me over till GT5 launches.

See you guys online better bring your "A" Games.

sonarus3483d ago

i still havnt decided which 1 i want. I have a 160GB hard drive installed in my ps3 which i have stock piled with demos music and vids. currently have 60GB left. That should be more than enough for GT5. I heard games load faster off hard drive and also think of the stress of getting up to put the cd in lol. On the other hand i knw i will delete it once GT5 hits so i dunno. Hopefully sony dosent lock it like they did warhawk can probably dwnload it onto a couple of friends ps3's that way too

Jamaicangmr3483d ago

Yeah download's should load faster but my main reason for wantin the disc is because the security Sony placed on Warhawk. While we're at it lets be honest with ourselves here. This the next instalment in the Gran Tourismo, what are the chances of Sony not lockin this bit(h down like they did Warhawk? Yeah i thought so too thats why i want the disc. My lil brother doesn't even play Warhawk because he has to use my account. However if Sony does have a change of heart, which is highly unlikely because quit frankly GT is their baby. Maybe then i'll concider pickin up the Download. It would be faster than waitin for it to be shipped to me.

Besides i love having the physical discs in my collection.

TheMART3483d ago

Is this demo of GT5 still not out yet? Damn those delays!
So I guess GT5 itself is also pushed another time to 2009 or so? I bet they won't release GT5 too close to this demo... Meh

Bordel_19003483d ago

Eh, why do you care?

You still haven't shut your mouth yet? Damn those delays!

Dave20013483d ago

Sorry guys just ignore my first comment as you can see I'm still suffering from a split personality disorder but the doctors are telling me i should be better soon and then I'll be free from Micro$ofts brainwashing.

Now back on topic i have to say that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is looking great and it defiantly looks better then Forza 2 can't wait to get my hands on it when its released here in Europe GT5 FTW!

rofldings3483d ago

What delays? It's out in Japan and is already set to meet its release date in the US.

Xeikon3483d ago

This has to be the most hyped demo of all time. Can't we all just wait for the actuall game to be previewed.

Also Demos should be FREE.

Bordel_19003483d ago

To all the lunatics who think Grand Tourismo 5 Prologue is a demo.


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