Afro Samurai Trailer Makes Surprise Appearance At DICE

Like Afro Samurai? Excited about the Namco Bandai console game of the same name? Buddy, have we got the ghetto captured, shaky-cam video for you. During Roger Hector's DICE presentation today, the VP of Development at Namco Bandai Games showed off the first trailer for the game, which looks to stay true to the series' trademark art style. Hector showed off work in progress versions of Afro, in 2D and 3D form, a transition the character seemed to make with ease. Hopefully, we'll get a direct feed version of the above clip soon and put this whole bush league video capture job behind us.

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power of Green 3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Kind of looks like the Afro Samruai game that was announced for the 360 too. Looks hot.

whateva3601d ago

I tought this game was for the 360?

power of Green 3601d ago

I wan't to approve it so bad man this game looks fresh they showed it at the GOTY awards 2007.

Odion3601d ago

ya isn't this a MP game?

power of Green 3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

The contributor and the approvers ignored it almost like they did on purpose.

The 2007 GOTY awards had footage and dev interviews.

mighty_douche3601d ago

Ahhh.... how sweet would it be if they throw in the complete animated series in HD on the same Blu-Ray. Id buy it just for that!!

power of Green 3601d ago

Was just thinking how cool it would be to have the series on XBL.

acetw1n3601d ago

its not like namco to leave ps3 owners out

Le-mo3601d ago

They did leave us out with Ace Combat. :(

Tempist3601d ago

It'll be back!

As for this game, something looks funny about it. It looks like 360 next gen, and the art style is different than in the show. Namely it's too bright, where as the series was dark as ever (both colouring and in them.)

As well it pacing of what they showed was a little slow in comparison as to how it's animated. Need a lot of work.

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