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Submitted by Deathcon 1232d ago | news

Far Cry 3: The PC specs

Ubisoft unveiled the PC specs of Far Cry 3. (Far Cry 3, PC)

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jetpacksheep  +   1232d ago
Nice, I like how they include high performance specs.
CommonSense  +   1232d ago
c'mon ubi! give my comp a challenge.

maybe crysis 3 will do it.
pandehz  +   1231d ago
Why u want ur comp challenged, spare it some life

Heating reduces life span

I want an optimized smooth playing experience with good graphics, no such requirement to overkill
CommonSense  +   1231d ago
uh? cuz i want better graphics and physics? i have the room to spare. i just built this thing last week.
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DigitalAnalog  +   1231d ago
I'm actually very concerned about the "hi-specs". Take note this is coming game built from a console. What kind of post-processing effects would require an unbelievable amount of power to pull it off? Even if next-gen starts, this is the kind of requirements that can theoretically run those games at 1080p/60fps assuming the "rumored" next-gen console specs were valid.

Hell isn't this the same bloody specs to run the UE4 tech demo?
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BrutallyBlunt  +   1232d ago
Can't wait!
Hazmat13  +   1232d ago
the gameplay they been showing is it console or PC gameplay?
Edit: oh ok thanks brah. has there been release of a picture or gameplay on console?
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Ducky  +   1232d ago
It's been PC, with a controller.
That's what they do with most of their games, unless specified otherwise (like the MP footage of FarCry3 which I believe was on PS3)

I wonder if they'll cripple the PC version with DRM again.

EDIT: Sony's E3 conference had co-op FarCry3 footage on PS3.
It starts at the 44:30 mark:
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RickHiggity  +   1232d ago
Ubi has pretty much abandoned always online DRM
urwifeminder  +   1232d ago
My specs are ready for max.
NeotheGamer  +   1232d ago
Intel Core i7 2600
8gb RAM
Nvidia 550 Ti

^ do not game on PC much. no way would i spend over 200$ on a graphics card so i bought a cheap one :D
Ducky  +   1232d ago
Should've went with an i5 and use the extra dough for a better GPU.
... assuming that your primary intent was gaming.

Now you'll have to live the rest of your life with remorse over your poor hardware decisions. Muhahaha.
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DoomeDx  +   1231d ago
i7 for gaming is overrate.
The diffrense between an i5 and i7 for gaming, is zero.

I7 uses Hyperthreading, which speeds up the OS, and some other software like Video Editing.

You shoukd have bought an i5, and buy a GTX570 or something
BattleAxe  +   1232d ago
I'm still using my nVidia GTX 260, which I bought in 2009, and I'm still able to crank out games on max settings most of the time. I'll just continue to use this card until whenever if decides to crap out on me. I probably won't buy a PS4 for the first few years after it has finally been released, so I'll be depending on my PC in its current form to take me into the next generation.....and into the Age of Aquarius!

Intel i7 920
Patriot 6 GB Memory
GeForce GTX 260
Corsair VX-550W
decrypt  +   1232d ago
That PC will last you a very long time.

All you would need for next gen is a good heat sink, OC the CPU to 4ghz, thats pretty darn easy. Heat sink will cost you about 80usd max for a very good one.

Next just get a new GPU whatever good GPU is out at that time, Something around the 300usd mark. Thats all you will need to keep this rig tanking along.

That will cost you around 400usd, the machine will be a beast again. You get to keep all your BC and you get a machine thats much more capable than any console will be.
Allsystemgamer  +   1232d ago
NeotheGamer  +   1232d ago
at the time i primarily wanted to just play WoW on PC.

I wanted a CPU that could handle a lot of multitasking..and not stutter and a reasonable priced GPU (to only play WoW)
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iamgoatman  +   1232d ago
Same old blanket requirements we see for every game these days. I miss when they used to be a bit more refined and meant something. Take the "High Performance" requirements for Far Cry 3, recommended CPU is a i7 2700K. So it will use hyper-threading then? Otherwise why not put a i5 2500k? It's just meaningless BS to make people buy pointless hardware.
cannon8800  +   1231d ago

So true man.

I remember when crysis came out, people spent so much money on the processors alone, only to find out that it used only two cores, rather then the expected four. Plus that game was so poorly optimized that people spent crap tons of money for expensive graphics cards just to be able to squeeze out at least 50 fps. I just hate it when developers release games that I know will work just fine on medium spec hardware, but they unoptimize the crap out of the game so it's basically unplayable, or they fool people into buying expensive hardware to run a game that could be running on a toaster.
DigitalAnalog  +   1231d ago
And I'm afraid FC3 seems to be following on that tradition. I'm not so easily blinded with "hi-specs" without taking the optimization argument into question. NO CONSOLE based games should demand that kind of requirements when bumped up to the maximum possible settings.
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urwifeminder  +   1232d ago
Yeah i still get microstutter i7 2700k ,g skill 8gb sapphire 7850 oc only on certain directx 9 games yet dx 10 and 11 run really smooth,its only few games usually can get a work around i went overkill on hardware but its not like ill build another for a long while..
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nepdyse  +   1232d ago
Its still going to be an un-optimized mess or maybe not. Hope we can at least change the fucking fov this time around, prove me wrong Ubisoft.
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iamgoatman  +   1231d ago
The FOV in Far Cry 2 wasn't great, but the game was at least optimized and scales amazingly with new hardware. I'm running crossfire 5850s and with everything at max settings I average like 160FPS in that game, with a min FPS of at at least 120FPS. I doubt FC3 will be THAT easy to run with DX11 and what not, but heres hoping it doesn't just destroy hardware for the sake of it.
tubers  +   1231d ago
Kinda lame but I'm still probably be gonna be happy with my 5870 2GB with this game. :)

Unless something can replace that with 40% more real world performance (not synth. benches) for under 200 bucks, brand new :P
TheOneYouHate  +   1231d ago
i5 [email protected],8Gb of RAM, 256GB SSD, 1Tb HD, and dual GTX 570's.

I will put u to the test :) cant wait.
TABSF  +   1231d ago
If at the minimum system requirements the game does not look better than consoles then Ubi is doing it wrong

HD 3870 and 8800 GTX are beyond the performance of PS3 and 360 all you have to do is go back to 2007 and compare the games.

That being said, I'm sure i'll be able to max this out with my RIG :)

Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 @ 1.1GHz/6GHz
8GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600MHz
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ninjahunter  +   1231d ago
Exaggerated ram requirements much, anyway, my M14x (laptop) probably wont even break a sweat.

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