Looking at PSVita's 1st Holiday

On December 17, 2012 the PlayStation Vita will turn 1-year-old. We all know the troubles the PlayStation Vita has had trying to gain a foothold in the handheld market, accumulating only 3MM in units sold to date. The word around the gaming world is that the Vita is already dead and Sony should just cut its losses. Yet, it still is not even a year old. The Vita has never experienced the most busy season of the year; the one time of the year where more consoles are bought than any other time in the year.

Kyle showcases some of the best titles coming out for the PSVita this holiday season.

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SandWitch2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

What kind of list is this?

Where's WRC? Silent Hill? New Little King's Story? PS All-Stars? Ratchet and Clank? FIFA 13? Sonic All-Stars? SFxT? Smart As? Dokuro? Persona? MUD? Sine Mora? Zero Escape, Jet Set Radio?

GribbleGrunger2064d ago

It's quite simple. The press created this idea that the Vita has no games so it has to perpetuate that myth by leaving out 80% of the games that are coming out and concentrating on 10% of the games that are already out.

dark-hollow2064d ago

What get on my nerves are the people who compare 5 years old, established systems libraries to those new systems that barely had one year after launch.

hell, even 2 years is not enough to judge a system and it games as a whole and calling doom and gloom.

joeorc2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

It is just that simple, Never Mind OCT 3rd 2012 The PSVita, will be getting 30 that is Thirty brand new Games being released that day for PSVita owner's to browse through for buying and playing. and not just expensive games at that priced very cheap too boot.

than the PSVita will be getting Playstation Plus+ To even sit there and even say that a system that is [email protected] near not even a year old right now, and is getting this number of Software Support is "no games" than i would just love to see what Support they are talking about would = " the system has games"


WiiLovePS3602064d ago

Ahh so you are talking about Playstation Mobile joeorc.

Going around saying "the PS Vita is getting 30 new games on October 3rd" is misleading as its inferring that 30 new retail PS Vita games are releasing. They'll mostly be android phone shovelware games.

GribbleGrunger2064d ago

With 40+ Vita games out already, 250 PSP games and 120 PS1 games, I'd take 30 quick to play mobile games too. Vita owners are spoilt for choice to be honest, contrary to what people would have us think.

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abzdine2065d ago

one more pointless article made by an ignorant writer, one more !

etowntwo2064d ago

I'm really really considering getting the AC Vita Bundle....

I know sooner or later I'll be getting it.

f7897902064d ago

Unless you're waiting for a price drop, go for it. No point in waiting months to pay the same price. (that's assuming you have money to spend)

shammgod2064d ago

I just preordered it. I personally am excited for the games that the vita currently has and the upcoming games. I will be busy for a while with the current catalog

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telekineticmantis2064d ago

I'm getting something for Christmas, and I can't decide, between the WiiU and the Vita, I'm gonna research on all the games, but the WiiU looks real tempting because it's a whole new Console, for just 50 bucks extra. Is there a way to project Vita games on to the television?

rpd1232064d ago

I would go with the Vita. The Wii U looks like it'll be cool, but if you already have a PS3 or Xbox 360 there is really nothing that it can offer for a while.

telekineticmantis2064d ago

So far, I don't see anything exclusive, that wows me, but I gotta take a deeper look.

rpd1232064d ago

If you can't find anything that wows you then go for the Wii U. I'm sure it'll have something to offer. The Vita is not for everyone. I was hesitant about getting one, but once they announced Assassins Creed Liberation, I knew I had to get it. I love the console even without that game. Uncharted, Madden 13, WipEout, Gravity Rush, and MGS have been really fun on it.

I already have a 360 so the majority of games I'd want to play on the Wii U would be available on the 360 or PS3. So to me, it's not worth buying an entire console for a few games. But that may not apply to you.

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