Simple 2000: The Hardware Chart

If something looks a bit off to you in this week's Japanese hardware sales chart, your eyes don't deceive you. The unusual appearance of that delicious pie is altered by the rare third place appearance by the Nintendo DS, not the handheld darling this week. It looks like Super Smash Bros. Brawl had a positive effect on Wii sales, driving week-to-week sales up a good 20,000 units, but not pushing it into the stratosphere as some were predicting.

* Wii - 94,473
* PSP - 72,528
* Nintendo DS - 67,472
* PlayStation 3 - 41,796
* PlayStation 2 - 12,115
* Xbox 360 - 6,060

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pwnsause3690d ago

* PSP - 72,528
* Nintendo DS - 67,472

ok so who hear still denies that the PSP does not sell. its pretty obvious that although the PSP possibly will never overtake the DS in sales overall, you have to realize that this is the first time nintendo has actual competition in the Handheld market. PSP also has games that people care, and in a country that is RPG crazy, expect to sell like this everyday.

xplosneer3690d ago

Competition is always good, it makes everyone strive to be better.

Nintendo really went places with touch screen, and PSP's got multimedia covered. Really though, the PSP is running low on time IMO, as they're going to need some more horsepower to get more out of it. The games are still coming though, and I find it amazing that a small handheld actually matches PS2 in power and even overtakes it in some places(new PSP with more RAM, processor opened up to 33mhz). Amazing how far we have come from the Gameboy.

M_Prime3690d ago

Poor MS.. i bet they want a bigger slice of that PI... its SONY AND NINTENDO PIE FOR ALL!

to me Japan is officially a place of handhelds. I mean they sell so many of them. and i always wondered... are there even that many people in Japan? i didn't look at the numbers but i thought that everyone in Japan would have a DS by now..

Kyur4ThePain3690d ago

127,214,499 (July 2003 est.).

Grahammad3690d ago

In Japan they have a DS for ever occasion. In fact, many japanese gamers have 5, even 10 DS's.

Joking aside though, you have to keep in mind that Japan is, although geographically small, very densely populated. Japan has the world's tenth largest population, with about 128 million people. In fact, just the Greater Tokyo Area is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 30 million residents... basically the population of Canada. So, no, it'll be a while yet till they sell a DS to everyone... but at this rate, ha, who knows?

Gaara_7243690d ago

ps2 outselling the 360.. that is pitiful nw i have to go jut finished instaling dmc4 on ps3 whop whoo i got the limited edition the shop only had 3 of them i was like dam i know its limited edition but come on 3 are u serious so i went down and waited out side for a bit then got the 1st dmc copy YEHHH so good all the lil kids are at school so i was able to get 1 nice and fast lol

wiizy3690d ago

haha.. leave it up to a sony fanboy to claim victory cause psp is up one week and down by 35 million worldwide to the ds.

sleepyk3690d ago

u mad because psp sold a little more than ds?

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