Duke Nukem 3D Coming to Xbox Live

"One element of the Dallas Business Journal's report that wasn't contested, however, was news of an imminent release on Xbox Live Arcade of Duke Nukem 3D, the revered 1996 shooter and the most recent installment in the series. Scott Miller said to The Dallas Business Journal - on the record - that, "We're really excited about bringing classic Duke to the 360. We're talking to Microsoft about getting a release slot sometime this year."

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I Call 9MM3453d ago

I'm hoping that when they do release it they bring the modern version of the Build engine the game runs on with it. Ken Silverman, the man behind Build, wrote a newer segment to the engine called Polymost which, effectively, renders everything in polygons and improves the overall look of the game when run with 3D accelerators (or GPUs as people tend to call them nowadays), and the 360 has a nice one at that.

I've seen the port of the original Doom to the 360, and I have to give it a 0 out of 10 for effort put into it. No improvement at all. I'm sure 3D Realms will go down the same path as Marathon: Durandal did. The game will, probably, feature its sprites re-rendered from their original 3D models used to render them, textures probably remade or touched up in some way, but that will probably be it. And, of course, HD resolutions. No fancy normal maps or anything.

In my honest opinion, however, it might be an idea to at least consider porting over some ideas from other versions of Duke Nukem 3D that were released besides those in the PC version. The N64 version of the game featured a remixed set of weapons that, in my opinion, were generally a great improvement on what had been offered in the original version. Yeah, they cut out the devastator (whoop di doo), ripper (the SMGs that replaced it where pretty close) and Freeze Cannon (which I really missed), but the addition of the grenade launcher and plasma cannon really mixed things up. It would be nice to see an additional episode or some additional levels at least mixed in with those from the Atomic edition to offer up some of this great content too. Eurocom did an excellent job improving some effects in this version as well (the explosions were done in 3D for instance, better lighting as well was added. Not sure if they had some sort of particle effects for smoke and sparks as well). All I'm saying is, a little extra polish might go a long way.

I Call 9MM3453d ago

Even a set of the best community made deathmatch maps or something to complement the game would be welcome. There are many, many great maps that were made that could be great if the original authors would allow them in some way.

avacadosnorkel3453d ago

more old games in HD.


wageslave3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Then dont buy them*. The Xbox LIVE Arcade isnt for everyone. But, there are *all kinds* of different experiences to be had. Classics, board-games, puzzles, remakes, new-IP and on and on.

*not that you'd have the ability to purchase or play them anyway...

Your sour grapes are showing son. I suggest you hide them -->

I Call 9MM3453d ago

Not everyone has had a chance to play all of these old classics, that is what makes a service like Live Arcade so great: younger (or even just plain newer) audiences get a chance to play these old games. I really think companies like Microsoft should really push to bring back the classics, and even update/upgrade a few, because I know that I haven't played every single great games out there, whether it was for a system I never owned or I just never got around to buying it, so I'm sure there are others like me. If you have played it already and had your fill, move on to other games, there definately are a lot out there.

As for Duke Nukem 3D, yeah I played this game to near death already, and wouldn't mind a second chance. Hell, I used to play it with just the keyboard and managed to beat it. We didn't even really think to use the mouse back then, big mistake.

Bnet3433453d ago

They better add online play.

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