Wii U version of Kid Icarus Uprising appears on Amazon France

A pre-order listing for Kid Icarus Uprising on the Wii U has appeared on Amazon’s French site, despite the 3DS game’s developers Project Sora closing down in June.

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Abash2211d ago

That would be awesome but I doubt it'll happen :/

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2211d ago

I really really want to see zelda.

Theyellowflash302211d ago

I can only hope, wish, and pray.....

GillHarrison2211d ago

A miss-listing. If there was a Wii U version we would have surely heard about it by now.

cleft52211d ago

Reggie did say there was some unannounced games and nobody saw Nintendo TVii coming. Nintendo and Apple are pretty good at keeping secrets.

DivineAssault 2211d ago

If its a new game it would be awesome.. But if its the same as the 3DS, its a rip off.. Porting a handheld game & making it HD better be no more than 30-40 bucks

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