Dead or Alive 5 - Technically Fighting

Its been seven years since Dead or Alive 4 and fans all over the world have wondered if Team Ninja would ever come back with another installment in the series. The competitive scene was absolutely raging with titles be it 2D or 3D. These titles began rekindling the flames of their faithful fan base – but where was Dead or Alive 5? The wait is finally over as Team Ninja brings to your remembrance why you are a fighter and continues to define what competitive fighters are truly about.

My DOA love started back with DOA for dreamcast. I remember going at it with my brother all hours of the night battling to see who would be the last man standing. Our bouts where local ones and even still we got into some heated conversations during and after our sessions. Fast forward to DOA5 and what you will find is a multi-threaded narrative which introduces the DOA cast (new and seasoned) as well Virtua Fighter characters like Akira and Sarah Bryant. The characters are more lifelike then ever a...

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TheSuperior 2064d ago

I've followed this series for so long. Good to see its back.