Silent Hill: Book of Memories gets demo this week

Konami today confirmed that a playable demo of Silent Hill: Book of Memories will be available from tomorrow in Europe.

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ritsuka6662065d ago

Konami decided to create this abomination.This game deserves the extremely overwhelming negative comments on internet. If you are a true gamer, i will suggest you not to purchase this game.

SandWitch2065d ago

I will buy it if I liked it, I don't really care if it's named "Silent Hill" or not.

Glad to see there will be a demo

guitarded772065d ago

Agreed... We really shouldn't judge until we've tried it. Maybe it will be good. I know it isn't in the Silent Hill formula, but maybe the traditional Silent Hill formula doesn't work on the Vita, so we end up with this top down game which plays well, and give us something in the Silent Hill universe. I'm just glad a demo is finally coming... I was worried this game would never come out.

Braid2065d ago


"but maybe the traditional Silent Hill formula doesn't work on the Vita"

The last time I saw it, the traditional formula worked flawlessly in Silent Hill Origins for PSP, why wouldn't it work for a handheld that has much more hadrware power to be spent on a more sophisticated graphical presentation? I'm sorry but that's not an excuse.

guitarded772065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

@ Braid

You act as if I'm speaking in terms of absolutes... I'm simply offering a perspective. Maybe they wanted to make a top down shooter, but were afraid of releasing a new IP with the current size of the install base of the Vita, so they set it in the Silent Hill universe to make sure it sells. There; there's another perspective. You are not on the development team, so you cannot say anything about valid excuses. This is simply a forum for us to discuss these things, not validate excuses. Thing is, it's small minded to take the ritsuka666's mindset of if it's not the same Silent Hill, it will clearly suck. Look at MotorStorm RC on Vita... it's not the typical MotorStorm formula, and they also made MotorStorm on the PSP to the traditional formula, but MS RC is a good game. Different... but still good.

Godchild10202065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

I'm a true gamer, but buying it doesn't make me less of one. Personal choice, if it plays like a good over the top dungeon crawler then good, if not, a sale or opportunity lost for Konami.

I'm going to make a EU account and try the demo.

Miguelitons2065d ago

I played the game at Gamescom and I liked it! And I'm also a big fan of Silent Hill so if you are a true gamer you buy games which are good not because of a name!

Sanquine902065d ago

It is just a spinoff in another genre. It is not the typical survival horror ( I dont think a survival horror has to be on the vita ... Big screen TV Big scream when scared:(

CalvinKlein2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

im sure you have played it right?

I will try it if the demo comes to US. I love dungeon crawlers and will play this one if its good, I dont care if it isnt a normal silent hill as the normal silent hill games havent been very good lately anyways. I just went and replayed SH 1 instead of playing the new crappy one.

smashcrashbash2065d ago

That's the modern gamer spirit. Condemn it before you actually play it. This gen is so uplifting

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Sanquine902065d ago

I liked the game on gamescom so :D

Miguelitons2065d ago

Me too, actually played it two times :D

Acquiescence2065d ago

Look forward to giving it a try.

Phayz2065d ago

I was excited when I saw the title of this article...Then instantly disappointed when I saw that it was only for the EU =[

Alos882065d ago

I appreciatte the demo, I hope it'll turn me around on this one because right now I'm not very interested.

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