Immortal Machines Podcast - Episode 1

Who says PC gaming is dead? Immortal Machines is here to tell you that PC gaming isn't going anywhere. Run by hardcore PC gaming enthusiasts, Immortal Machines presents episode 1 of their weekly podcast. In this episode, the crew discusses everything from StarCraft 2 to the beauty that is Company of Heroes, to KingGorilla's The Witcher review.

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INehalemEXI3690d ago

Yah, PC gaming is Immortal.

LJWooly3690d ago

PC gaming isn't dead, it just isn't where the money is anymore, so expect to see developer support for PC games dwindle over the next few years, unless something special happens...

Iamback3690d ago

Podcast? Wow we really need more of those....................NOT!

No thanks

tonsoffun3690d ago

Personally, I prefer the GFW Radio podcast, but I may still check this out.....