Incoming details about CD Projekt RED's 'Cyberpunk' game; special surprise for The Witcher 2 modders

DSOGaming writes: "The developers of The Witcher franchise CD Projekt RED studio and the DRM-free, digital distribution platform will host a Special Event on the 18th of October at 18:00. (GMT). As the company suggested, new Games, New OSes, Cyberpunk Announcements, and Something Special for Witcher 2 Modders will all be announced at this live webcast Special Event."

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ThatEnglishDude2032d ago

CD Projekt RED are one of the few awesome companies in the industry at the moment. They appreciate their fans and reward them with FREE DLC and just seem really connected to their audience.

Can't wait for their next ambitious project.

NYC_Gamer2032d ago

100% agree,studios like CDPR are rare.

Captain Qwark 92032d ago

they have already sold one copy of this game to me! i will blindly buy it simply because of the quality of the witcher 2. that and i like sci fi/deux ex style games

Mariusmssj2032d ago

Can't wait to see what they got to show!!!

pr0digyZA2032d ago

I think this one will be on all platforms that can handle it.

ab5olut10n2032d ago

Hmmm, not sure if you're taking pot shots at PS3 or not. I know Witcher 2 didn't get ported because their team was too small to work on it as well as the 360 version. Hopefully they can squeeze it in this time.

pr0digyZA2031d ago

Lol wasn't meant to be a pot shot at PS3 (3 console and PC owner myself). Just meant that they will probably want it on as many platforms they can get it on.

JsonHenry2032d ago

I love this studio. Can't wait to play their new game.

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