Gaming Heaven: The inFamous Series

Ben Burns of VGI writes...

"The PlayStation Network outage was bad news for some people, apparently. I suppose not being able to play games online is a big deal to people with friends."

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OcelotRigz1904d ago

One of my favorite games and one of the most under-appreciated games this generation.

HeavenlySnipes1904d ago

My only gripe with 2 was that they decided to have all the unanwsered questions from the first be answered in a short comic book series instead of putting it in InFamous 2. It just made the story in 2 feel lightweight and more like a superhero movie than a superhero comic like the first

Ben_Grimm1904d ago

Love this series. I wish though that he fought more super powered villains instead of mutated monsters.

He should go up against an Injustice League type of villains. Really show off what he can do against villains of the same level or even higher in power than him.

Theredpurple1904d ago

I am nintender fanboi and when I pray playstation I whiked INfamous much. In my top 10 Faverite franchizes

josephayal1904d ago

Infamous 2 Insanely Addictive

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The story is too old to be commented.