( Hands-on with Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Let’s be honest here – Need for Speed Most Wanted might as well be called Need for Speed Takedown Paradise. Developer Criterion tuned its racing credentials on the open roads of Paradise City in the Burnout series, and cruising through the streets of Need for Speed Most Wanted feels like a scenic homage to that beloved urban racing arena. It’s a surprising move considering Criterion’s debut Need for Speed title, Hot Pursuit, shifted from the sandbox to a series of lengthy linear tracks, and the pay-off was a tighter focus on more controlled, action-packed racing. Has Most Wanted’s return to open word racing sacrificed the intensity and detail afforded by Hot Pursuit’s linear tracks, or has Criterion managed to bring the best of both worlds?

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PersonMan2070d ago

I like the open world city driving. The country roads got boring in Hot Pursuit.

GamerElite2070d ago

I like the country roads .The open world city driving got boring in Hot Pursuit.

PersonMan2070d ago

I see what you did there.