Outrage that Wii U is Running Black Ops in 1080p?

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Rich Masucci discusses the recent gamer outrage over the Wii U running Black Ops in 1080p.

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claud32035d ago

Really, up set over a small thing

mewhy322035d ago

the wii u has 2 gig of ram and more advanced gpu that both the ps3 and xbox. Big deal. The next Xbox and ps3 will blow this wii u thing out of the water. But for now, as far as tech goes, wii u is on top.

jaosobno2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Actually it only has 1GB of usable memory. Other 1GB is reserved for OS and cannot be used to execute games.

To all potential disagrees: This is a fact confirmed by Nintendo.

GPU is more capable, but CPU (according to developers) is lagging behind PS3 and X360.

You could add 512MB of shared RAM to present gen and practically get systems of identical power to WiiU.

So much for next gen leap.

kamakaz3md2035d ago

as far as tech goes, nintendo wii u isnt even out and when it does come out it still wont be on top... If you think about it, it takes a console and game devs a good 5 - 6 years before they max out the power of a system. And if you want to tell me NO, then you would basically be saying, all the new games like... U3, AC3, FC3, CODBO2 ect. Dont look that good graphically! The wii U isnt that much more powerful then 360 and ps3, so by the time the wii U is pushing games to half max, your gonna get ps4 and next xbox, with double the power of a wii u, which everyone knows this, already putting them ahead. Hope you understand what im saying, its hard to explain but makes sense lol. Im not saying your wrong, just making a point that is made every generation of consoles!

decrypt2035d ago

Who cares, its not like console gamers care about graphics. 1080p means nothing to console gamers.

Highlife2035d ago

Why shouldn't it. I am surprised though that this happened. I though M$ would not allow it. I thought they had a deal with Activision with COD.

nerdkiller2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

i have a feeling no next gen is going to come close to pc today, it cost too much no way is sony going to take a gamble and put out another 600 system.

some ppl believe in this fantasy that you can get a system that looks like avatar for 300$, fools

ALLWRONG2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

@jaosobno that's a lot better than split 256x256. Fact is if you combined the 360 and PS3 the Wii U would still have more power under the hood. Next gen has started and Nintendo is kicking the doors wide open.

Wii U could load Youtube videos in the guide menu while playing a game. PS3 can't even cross game chat. All that and the Wii U is the same price. Gee I wonder which one people are going to choose?

darthv722035d ago

the difference between a game running at 1080p vs one that is displayed at 1080p?

From what i gather, most games are generally programmed at a lower res but then given the option to be displayed at 1080p via the console or the tv. Basically upscaling from the original assets.

Running the game at 1080p would imply that everything was programmed at that res. All assets and textures and models were coded at 1080p therefore the game runs at 1080p.

So now is this version of the game built from the ground up to run at 1080p or is it simply a port that is upscaled to 1080p?

badz1492035d ago

why not? Sony has proven that releasing a powerful system at OK price is possible with the Vita! current top smartphones without contracts cost up to $700 but the more gaming capable Vita is just $250! sure, Sony might not make as much money from every unit sold or maybe none at all but they are looking to cash in on software, not hardware unlike the iPhones and Galaxies which are selling at a very nice profit margin each!

The Vita is pretty much still at the top crop in terms of power among handheld devices and will still be for quite sometime! dev will continue to push the Vita but on smartphones? not so much! nobody wants to push boundaries with selling price of <$5!

so, there's still hope that, the PS4 will still be packed in with some serious power under its hood and sold for a price not breaking the bank! my guess is, $399 top!

Ares84HU2035d ago

They shouldn't be boasting about this since it will be the weakest system in the next-generation of video game consoles. It's more powerful than current-gen yes, but it's an unfair comparison since current gen systems came out 6 years ago.

I cannot wait for the next Xbox and next Playstation and than ask Nintendo.....what about the graphics now??? What was that again??? Oh yeah, I didn't think so.

Nintendo, just be quiet please!

PS: PC blows the WiiU out of the water when it comes to graphics......just saying.

LostDjinn2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

@ darth: Native res is the res the scene is rendered at on the G buffer ((or back buffer( it's the same thing, it just has different names depending on who you ask). Components of the scene (particle effects, blur filters, H.U.Ds, models, etc) can be rendered at a different res individually but the back buffer is where it's put together and becomes the output frame (image).

You can use hardware or software (in most cases both) to upscale the image but that doesn't really improve it. It's just an attempt to cut down on jaggys. It'll actually make textures more muddy and other fine detail gets lost as well.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Don't ask me anymore questions!

Edit:I don't know if this game runs at a native 1080p. I don't think anyone (that does know) will be able to answer that until after it releases. (That's the other part answered)

badz1492035d ago

comparing the NEW Wii U with the 6 years old PS3? bias much?

and choosing between 2 HD systems; 1 with 6 years worth of games (retail + PSN) & PS+ which offers plethora of new games and stuff for FREE every month if you subscribe and the other one with just a handful of new games + ports of released games and using a "yet-to-proof-itself" ; online network....hmmm tough choice! /s

at the moment, if you're not a huge Mario and Zelda fan, there's not that many reasons to get a Wii U just yet! if you think that people will flock to Wii U so just they can play the same game available on PS3 and 360 only at higher resolution, you're wrong! if that's the case, no one would play on consoles because even a decent PCs/laptops can do more that what the PS3 and 360 are capable of! maybe not the exclusives, but 90% games (my estimation) are multiplats anyway!

Autodidactdystopia2034d ago

@ Darthv72

Here is an analogy.

note that the original assets do not Have a resolution per se they are rendered as mathematical shapes and can be infinitely rendered at a higher resolution. the textures however do have a resolution. 2k 4k 8k etc.

imagine taking a piece of paper and covering it with an image 1024x1024 then taking that peice of paper and wrapping it around a pryamid shaped object stretching it so it covers the whole shape. that is called uv mapping and is done in every game or 3d model that is finished.

rendering resolution is another matter. contrary to lostDJIn the higher the resolution does NOT make textures muddy and does not lose fine detail. It gives more fine detail. sometimes the original assets are very low resolution and when you up the resolution they are more clearly blurry. you are actually getting a better look at them.

imagine a screen door. that when you look through it each pixel would be represented by a hole in the screen door. the catch is that on this screen door each hole can only pass through one color. if looking through a 1024x720 screen door the image can only be so detailed. now imagine that that screen door was 1920x1080 you have now almost double the holes in the door to see a color through. the result is a crisper clearer image with fine details that WERE NOT THERE when rendering at a lower resolution.

the difference between upscaling and native resolution is that each extra pixel you have to draw to screen costs performance meaning that if you go too high the sytem cannot handle it.

with upscaling it just takes the 1280,720 image and stretches pixels so that each one takes up 4 pixels on the screen and does post process averaging to make up fake details for image smoothing purposes. which is what the 360/ps3 do. which doesnt cost nearly as much performance as i believe both the 360 and the ps3 have "hardware" upscaling similair to hardware mpeg2 decoding. meaning that it costs nothing to the cpu, all of the upscaling is done on the dedicated chip.

Never mistake more resolution always is better and shows more fine detail at distances farther away from the player. the only problem is performance.

Army_of_Darkness2034d ago

can run black ops in [email protected] 60fps, then that's F#@king awesome! who's hating on that?! Decrypt?? the pc fanboy?!LMAO!

PotatoClock2034d ago



Sorry but why would a PC fanboy complain 'bout COD running 1080 on WiiU?
We've had 1080 Res for years now, and with a far better FPS than 60, and on many more games than just COD...

Naturally its the console fanboys with pre-1080 systems who feel so offended and are the ones stamping around complaining.

neogeo2034d ago

IF Sony can afford to make a PS4. The may go bankrupt first.

SilentNegotiator2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Once again, the word "native" appears in no reliable sources.

WiiUDaily and NintendoEnthusiast spread so many false rumors.

adorie2034d ago

I don't know why they need 1gig of ram to run the OS. Whynot 256 or even 512?


Army_of_Darkness2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

PC fanboy(lets use decrypt for exam): "WTF?! the wiiU is a petty console! and console gamers don't care about grahics!? so why would the developers waste their time making blops2 run as good as my amazing-sexy-bonneriffic-ball tingling-jizz covered PC?!??! That's bullshit! I refuse to believe this gawddammit! they could be using those resources to make the pc version even way better instead!! Like 120fps at 1400p!
shit nuggets! I'm gonna write a mean letter to activision about this!"

And now you know why... haha!

PotatoClock2034d ago


Well, consider my comment null and void lol

I should never underestimate the fanboys sense of entitlement, be them PC or Console fanboys.

Consoldtobots2034d ago


you don't "code" anything at 1080p. Your models and textures can be as detailed as your memory requirements will allow. What you set to 1080p are the raster output frames the engine generates.

Apex132034d ago

Sad sad sad. does it matter and are you even tech savy or just and end user acting like you know what you are talking about?

it's not what is under the hood but how it's used.

mewhy322034d ago


"Actually it only has 1GB of usable memory. Other 1GB is reserved for OS and cannot be used to execute games. " That's 2 gig mornon. Geese.

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Blastoise2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Why would anyone be mad about this? Its a good thing...

live2play2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

ok so these new generation tween "hardcore gamers" grew up with the term HD games meaning games with good graphics... and not having anything to do with resolution (which is what HD or SD are defined by, the resolution)

so now anything with good graphics (ps3 Xbox vita games) not necessarily being 1080p(what most consider to be true HD) are considered to be HD games by them (even though they are mostly sub HD like 720p)

so now that nintendo has the wiiu, able to run games in native 1080p at 60 frames per second

(AND) people(fanboys), in thier minds still have the wiiu as being from "this gen" meaning, not more powerful than ps360 (this gen by them being defined by graphics, not the actual defenition)

by them the wiiu CANNOT and WILL NOT be considered superior(even slightly)than "current gen" because its not a "real" console

and therefore the wiiu versions of games CANNOT be superior

FredEffinChopin2035d ago

Nobody is really mad about it. People might be cracking jokes on the Wii-U, but nobody is actually pissed off about COD running at 60fps. It's just an excuse for a site dedicated to Nintendo hardware to tout something that they think will make people who don't like Nintendo mad. They're doing what shitty writers do best: Trolling in lieu of an idea of something of substance to write about.

herbs2035d ago

Because hater fan boys are the most immature and spoiled little cunts that exist today. They dont know it but they want the Wii U because it's better hardware and they are gamers, but they are so attached to another brand because of child hood memory's or somthing. So it seems to them that these memorys are some how threatened by Nintendo. So they have to bash Nintendo and hold on to the hope that there brand console is still some how more powerful when in fact they are not. Get over yourselfs.

RIP_Weazel2035d ago

@herbs. Who's mad dude? Realistically, Nintendo will have the highest spec console out at time of release, so you'd have to hope that the games released would reflect this.
As for hater fan boys being " the most immature and spoiled little cu*ts that exist today"...hmmm.
I s'pose that depends on your world experience, but there's plenty more deserving candidates. Fan boys are just a pitiful way.

aquamala2035d ago

you still have PS360 owners that don't think this is a powerful console, it will be obvious in 2 months. they are in denial, just look at some of the comments.

dontbhatin2035d ago

its not really much of a big deal. ....

I mean, Ive been able to play COD in 1080p at 60 FPS since COD4.

it seriously isn't much of a difference. It just makes all the bland textures stand out a bit better.

Flavor2034d ago

It is kind of funny.. I mean.. It's only been seven years since the 360 came out... people shouldn't be mad that a new console can outperform it. Seven years is FOREVER in consumer electronics. There weren't even smartphones seven years ago.

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sourav932035d ago

There's nothing to be upset about. This is great news. It shows that the Wii U, unsurprisingly, is more powerful than the PS3 and 360, which are 6-7 year old systems. And this also means that Call of Duty on consoles won't look terrible (all relative of course) anymore, and when Sony and MS bring out their next gen consoles, it will be even better, of course that is if they have higher specs than the Wii U, which they mostly likely will do.

avengers19782035d ago

I agree so what........ And really I don't think that this will make people that game on PS3 or 360(were most your call of duty is played) run out and get a Wii U, because besides from running slightly better(1080p, 60fps)it's the same game they can get on there current consoles... I have yet to see any thing for WiiU that says it is that much if at all better than PS3 or 360.

Campy da Camper2035d ago

More whiners in here than in Green Bay today. Remember SB XL

showtimefolks2034d ago

Wiiu is newer tech so off course it should be doing it better. Why are people so up in arms about small things

Let it go and enjoy it if you like COD

JsonHenry2034d ago

They gonna be super pissed when they find out the PC can run it across 3 screens, full TXAA, 16xAF, and in 3D. Probably so pissed they jump off a bridge!

Shnazzyone2034d ago

OMG newer hardware runs something better then older hardware?!? *ensue spazzfest*

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Wizziokid2035d ago

why is it an Outrage? if people are that upset buy it for the Wii U or shut up and play it on the system you own. simple solution

guitarded772035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Sounds like someone kept their common sense cap on.

On Video Topic: This is the first time I've ever listened to this guy... I kinda like him, he's not a total moron.

Hisiru2035d ago

I love his videos, I think you should subscribe.

He is not biased against any company and he gives his opinion about every console.

memots2035d ago

I just subscribe to it. Good stuff

ALLWRONG2035d ago

I don't think it's Wii U fans that are upset. Sounds more like fans of other consoles.

richierich2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Why are people getting upset the game engine looks dated anyway. And besides I would expect a game to run better on new tech why dumb it down just to please people who dont wanna move forward

SonyNGP2035d ago

Brand obsessed manchildren. They'll rage over anything.

live2play2035d ago

havent you heard?

nintendo cant have nice things