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8 things games don’t understand about girls

There’s no rocket science or unfathomable mystery to the female race. Unless you’re a videogame, in which case it’s suddenly all hearsay, rumour and what Dave said behind the science block during a double free. These are the things videogames just don’t get about girls. Fix, please. (3DS, Bayonetta, Catherine, Culture, Dead or Alive 5, iPhone, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

dirigiblebill  +   972d ago
Good piece.
Jockamo  +   972d ago
Clicking an article 8 times to read a three line paragraph about the "misrepresentation of women in video games" is a waste of life. Guess what, video games don't need to understand women. They just need to understand MEN.

If more women played video games, then I would believe some of this article...but tba, it's painfully out of touch.
TekoIie  +   971d ago
Dont tell me you didnt find No.2 funny! :3
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jeeves86  +   971d ago
Video games need to understand 'people' both men and women. They need to understand human interaction a little better.
Bimkoblerutso  +   971d ago
^I couldn't agree with THAT any more.
klecser  +   971d ago
30% of gamers are women. That is, as long as you include all types of games, not just games that you like.

So, it seems to me that if game companies took your ignorant advice, they'd be ignoring 30% of their possible revenue. Not smart. Go to business school or spend time in charge of a business and learn about profit margins. Maybe then you'll see how dumb and uninformed your statement is, just from a BUSINESS perspective.
Jockamo  +   970d ago
Hey smarty, the demographic of women that like video games are women that like the same things that men like. No one is ignoring the "fact" that 30% (or whatever) of gamers are women. But these women like the things that make video games appealing to men.

If we start seeing a push toward Desperate Housewives Adventure games, or Cosmopolitan on the dashboard, you MIGHT attract some women. What's certain is that you'll definitely discourage men. So from a BUSINESS perspective, you're completely blind.

If a significant amount of women felt oppressed and misrepresented in video games then we'd be hearing about it on gamefaqs or neogaf or whatever. But the fact is, no one says anything (even in an anonymous internet setting), because no one really cares about how games portray women. Everyone just likes playing games. Until women activists start boycotting consoles and sales start to see a plunge because of it, only an idiot will argue that the video game demographic is too "male centric." Don't let this shit article be the flag pole closeted lady gamers rally around. If it is, they deserve to be unrepresented...
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Pushagree  +   972d ago
What a weak article. Pretty much 2 sentences per post and most of them were pretty terrible arguments. I hope whoever wrote that article was not paid.

"There’s no rocket science or unfathomable mystery to the female race."
Must be why there are far more psychological studies performed on women than there are on men. This woman does not even know her own gender. She doesn't have any right to say anything about the other.
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Xof  +   972d ago
Shit article. It's another one of those sites that expect people to cycle through eight pages just to look at 8 pictures and 8 sentences.

Remember, people: rate hitbaiting drivel down.
Vettur  +   972d ago
well, if you had taken the time to actually read anything else than the headline, you might have found it a bit more interesting.
Laxman  +   971d ago
He's refering to the format of the article, not its quality.

The fact that this article is spread over 8 different pages is somewhat ridiculous, seeing as each page was one single paragraph, most of which are very small.

This format comes across as very little more than what Xof accurately called it, "hitbaiting". Its sole purpose is so gather more page views from its readers, to appear that the site as a whole is more popular than it is.
Baka-akaB  +   972d ago
Meh ... i beg to differ .

"Tekken’s Nina Williams is in her mid-40s, and doesn’t look a day over 17"

If you are going to bother learning her age , how about the story as well however silly it is ? She was cryogenized young , so wouldnt look as old as her real age .

Stupid i know , but still a fact . Why not even try to look for a character that aged in tekken or soul ? They do exist .
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Lord_Sloth  +   972d ago
I've never known a 17 year old who looks like her anyway.
JadedWriter  +   972d ago
You know in video gamings defense, women don't even understand women.
nihonlight  +   972d ago
Ok as a woman that even made me laugh. ^^
Hicken  +   971d ago
You said the only thing I wanted to say. Women don't understand themselves. Men don't understand women, and men make (most) video games. How could men get something right in a game that we can't get right in real life?
jghvhv  +   972d ago
Lets check the Pokedex!
Woman:The WTF Pokemon
Data:This Pokemon uses Leers and Growls to weaken Male Pokemon.It then deals damage with Fury Swipes.
Known Attacks:Scratch,Leer,Growl,Fur y Swipes,Trash,Howl,Destiny Bond,Metronome,Self Destruct.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   972d ago
lmao! okay, you deserve a medal for that type of creativity. Destiny Bond, Metronome and Self Destruct were just ace.
-DanielBryan-  +   972d ago
LMAO at Destiny Bond and Self Destruct!
Rupee  +   972d ago
I've been married for years and I sure as hell don't understand women. Does anyone? Lol
memots  +   971d ago
Well ... Been with my wife for 9 years now.. I cannot claim i understand women fully but i know how to play the game and am quite successful in avoiding the pitfall of drama.

For any kids out there looking for love. Go for the one that has real face value and the least amount of drama possible( maturity ) .. It worked for me
vortis  +   971d ago
Legit advice, bro.

Bubbles for keeping it real.
Saturne3  +   971d ago
I would love to know lol

maybe there´s no answer...
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palaeomerus  +   972d ago
Dumb cliches about other dumb cliches passed off as gaming news. LEARN TO WRITE please. This empty click through filler trash masquerading as an essay or opinion piece is just embarrassing. And stupid.
Deeke  +   971d ago
I think the comments might have done more for the topic than the actual article XD
WiiUalpha  +   971d ago
1. What was your point? Girls arent scary and neither is every guy..
2.Physics isnt something you can just write code for and have it perfect. Here u lack understanding of gaming not the other way around
3. I don't recall Samus being in heals, or any of the girls in Saints Row. Sounds like you have limited experience with gaming.
4. Everyone ages. Who really wants to play a character so old they can barely move? BTW other than Snake I cant think of a single character that has aged in gaming. Games usually do not take place over 40-50 years anyway so what do you want? A guy to be clean shaven when you start and 10 hours later have a 5 oclock shadow? Womens legs get hairy after 20 hours of play? Silly really
5. Well actually its about relating to the character and it is very sad but a good portion of women are sexual abused at some point in their life...(To the girls that disagree. I didnt say every girl and your personal experience isnt everyone elses.)
6. No half the population isnt female. It's not quit that simple.Yes it probably is wrong for fighting games to be mainly male considering all the Female Pro wrestlers, Female MMA fighters on PPV,world renowned female martial artist, etc.... Oh wait those sports are MALE dominated.(not saying women dont do it ladies but not as many as men.)
7. That plays on what most women want. They want big tough guys who are complete assholes. Most male leads are actually characters women go for. Every woman?No just the majority. Just like females in video games are made to look like what a majority of guys want.Silly point considering in most games you spend more time staring at a guys ass than a girls. Kratos from God of War, Marcus from Gears, Link from Zelda. Might want to check the Saints Row games out too.
8.So? I hide online too. It's not a gender issue. People will be jerks online simply because they can get away with it.

Article seems to mostly be BS from someone with a one sided view and little gaming experience in general.
maximus1985  +   971d ago
you sir just wrote a better article in the comments section.
vortis  +   971d ago
Dang, it feels like I'm going to run out of handing out bubbles in this thread. All these excellent, well thought out comments that actually bring forth discussion.

Am I still in N4G? Feels like some foreign, insightful place where intelligence is common and console wars don't exist. This must be the Twilight Zone...
Saturne3  +   971d ago
Some games do understand it pretty well like the Metal Gear games for example.

Female characters like Meryl ,Naomi ,Eva, etc are pretty authentic
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AIndoria  +   971d ago
^^ Author(s) need to play MGS more.
ninjabake  +   971d ago
I kinda see where she's coming from but most of the points here were weak.
AIndoria  +   971d ago
WiiUalpha explained it pretty well.

"We don’t have to be assaulted to be interesting"

WTF? It's like saying you didn't have to kill Batman's parents to make him batman. To be really honest, if there's a strong backstory, the better the game would be. No one's assaulting 'you'. Why all the cry-babies?

But that's a fair point in general.

Also, why do I have to click through 7 times to read all that?!

Hehe titties...oh wait, I did it again, didn't I?
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