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Submitted by Theyellowflash30 1234d ago | opinion piece

Top 5 Most Hated On Gaming Franchises

Gaming is the number 1 form of entertainment for many of us, but even when a series plays great, offers incredible replay value, and has solid mechanics, gamers can still feel the need to revolt or hate on a franchise that was once universally considered awesome. In this article were going to list the top 5 most hated on gaming franchises. (3DS, Industry, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

mike1up  +   1234d ago
Somehow I just knew that Mario would be number 1.


I noticed that there are no Sony exclusives on the list. I guess we know where all the hatred is coming from. Jealousy perhaps?
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abzdine  +   1234d ago
i dont understand how you can have this many bubbles when you say BS like this.

This is a personal opinion you dont have to agree with it but just discuss it in a positive way.
Nothing to do with jealousy, a franchise is hated when it doesn't renew itself and it's always the same thing it's delivering, like Guitar Hero and all this stuff and now COD tends to go that way.

Sony imo always gives new things, and even if some of their franchises have 2 or more sequels they manage to make each episode different or simply by creating other new IPs. The same Nintendo does but with Zelda only and the major Marios (64, Sunshine, Galaxy...). Same theme but all different.
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mike1up  +   1234d ago
*checks comment*
*checks article*

Well let's see...

Mario is number 1 on the list, and there are no Sony franchises on the list. Call it what you like, but it seems pretty factual to me.


"i dont understand how you can have this many bubbles when you say BS like this."

(Again) Jealousy perhaps?
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Septic  +   1234d ago
Haters gonna hate
Simple as that really.
plmkoh  +   1234d ago
It's a top 5 list, in all good probability with the 100s and 100s of titles why should a Sony game be on that list? For balance reasons? Same could be said about why there isn't Angry Birds on there.

It's just 5 games franchises that the author chose. Here's a hint: did you notice that they were also very old franchises too.
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mike1up  +   1234d ago
"100s and 100s of titles" *sigh*.

I'll keep this short, and simple lol. My point...

Most Nintendo fans don't hate Pokemon and Mario.
Most Xbox fans don't hate Halo. But somehow Mario, Pokemon, and Halo just happened to make the Top 5 list. Gee, I wonder how that happened?

The author is entitled to his own opinion, and that's fine. I read the article. Here's a hint: it ends by asking readers what THEY think!

"Why do you guys feel these games get hated on so much? And better yet what games you guys feel get hated on."
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Kingnichendrix  +   1234d ago
But mr_mike my dad who is 56 whose has had a nes, snes, megadrive, 64, dreamcast, ps2, xbox and gamecube. He even says he dislikes mario that isnt to say he doesn't like the nintendo, he also doesn't like snake from metal gear that isnt to say he doesn't like playstation, he also doesn't like master chief but that doesn't mean he dislikes xbox and he doesn't seem to dislike any games on the dreamcast but would that make him a fan boy? no it is just his taste simple as that. When you call it jealousy i think it just struck a nerve with you and you are a bit hurt that some people don't like the same things you like.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1234d ago
Very well said Mr_Mike
badz149  +   1234d ago
that was like your shortest comment EVER! where's the usual PR stuff?
plmkoh  +   1234d ago
I don't get your point, where's the issue?

"Most Nintendo fans don't hate Pokemon and Mario." but they can't hate Xbox titles? "Most Xbox fans don't hate Halo." but they can't hate Nintendo titles? "But somehow Mario, Pokemon, and Halo just happened to make the Top 5 list." Maybe it't because Mario has existed for over 5 console generations, Pokemon exclusively targets children and has existed since 1999 and Halo has been around for a decade and is a home brand franchise?
mike1up  +   1234d ago
My mistake man, you are absolutely right...

Nintendo fans hate Halo, and Microsoft fans hate Mario and Pokemon. Everyone in the world loves Sony.

*Fanboy programming complete*

*Must go buy Sony products only... affirmative*

*Must destroy Nintendo and Microsoft... affirmative*
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plmkoh  +   1234d ago
Ummm I don't know if you're just having a bad hair or something, but don't put words in my mouth.

I didn't say all of a certain party must hate those of the opposing party. Hell that's what you said seing as you have some sort of vested interest to see to it that all hate must be sourced by 'Sony'.

All i'm pointing out is that this simple article has chosen very old franchises and in all good chance they've likely picked up more hate but at the same time they would pick up fans along the way.
Robtheghoul   1234d ago | Trolling | show
r21  +   1234d ago
You know you could leave a comment on the site raging instead of here and argue with the author.
mike1up  +   1234d ago
Okay, this is my fault. I should have made myself more clear.

I don't have a problem with the author. I liked, and agreed, with what he said about Mario and Pokemon. Imo, the author is claiming that the hate is not deserved and I agree.

Now... the point that I have been trying to make is that the hate is coming from Sony fanboys. Not every Sony fanboy, not Sony headquarters, not the author, and not the gaming community as a whole.
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TongkatAli  +   1234d ago
Ummmm dude, this isn't the official list of the world. Its a good list don't get me wrong, but maybe these games get hated on cause they get the most complaints ? Some food for thought. I'm surprised Killzone isn't on the list, from day one its been called a Halo ripoff and ripped to shreds from haters.
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Droid Control  +   1234d ago
I know I'm in the minority but I particularly hate


I loved the first Halo, but for me, the franchise took a nose dive with the sequels. The Openness and uniqueness for 1 was missing from 2 and the story of 3 was atrocious. I won't even talk about the other Halo games. For me, no story, no playee.

Gears I never liked from the start. The characters are grotesque. And the gameplay mechanics didn't thrill me either.
tigertron  +   1234d ago
Yep, you're definately in the minority there.
Septic  +   1234d ago
"For me, no story, no playee. "

Funnily enough, Halo still has one of the best stories in gaming. The fiction admittedly hasn't been utilised that well in Halo 2 and 3 but the game is still rather unique compared to the masses of other FPS' on the market.

Also, 'hate' seems like quite a strong word to use simply because you don't like the story.

Halo does many things right- like gameplay and MP among other things (community, forge mode, weapons etc etc). People will hate on it because it is a system seller. Without it, we would not have had the Xbox 360.

But I guess these are your personal qualms. Like you said yourself, you are in the minority. Each to their own.
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Walker  +   1234d ago
Where is UNCHARTED series ?
vickers500  +   1234d ago
In the "5 most loved franchises" list.
Ben_Grimm  +   1233d ago
I didn't care for Uncharted either and I really don't see where this love for the games comes from. Now InFamous, that's a different story. That game was fun and even though part 2 didn't really do anything different I still had a blast with the game.
teabag-nation  +   1234d ago
SMB wwii u is like snes Super mario world which is a fantastic game and has amazing atmosphere unlike a lot of sony droid station and snooze box games. Sonys head is all over the place at the momment.
josephayal  +   1234d ago
and Final Fantasy?
DBergmark  +   1234d ago
This piece reads like a vengeance piece. All credibility for this little blog that I've never even heard of has just been thrown out the window. Mario is one of the beloved franchises in all of the industry and to say it's the most hated is just ignorant.

Casual consumers will say that they like Mario plus looking at sales data proves that the statement that it isn't hated. The site being based out of Bakersfield might explain why there is such deposition for successful franchises since that town has never amounted to anything.
TongkatAli  +   1234d ago
It kinda makes sense and doesn't all at the same time. Shouldn't the most hated go to the games who sales got affected from mud slinging ?
Theyellowflash30  +   1234d ago
Please explain how it reads like a vengeance piece?

While Mario is a beloved franchise it does take a lot of heat from gamers and industry journalists. This is similar to the Wii. Sold the most, beloved by many, but gets hated on the most out of all the consoles.

These are from mainstream journalist. If you look on the message boards there are loads of people hating on Mario even though its a really good game. There are hundreds of articles like these above. I understand your point but, to say Mario isn't hated on, on the internet is just ignorant.

And really, a low blow to Bakersfield over an article about hated on franchies? Thats stupid even for the internet.
DBergmark  +   1232d ago
The Bakersfield comment was a joke. To go from saying that Mario is getting bland to saying that it's hated is like saying that I hate McDonalds. As a well-established fat guy, I like to pick up a McDouble from time to time because I enjoy it. In the eyes of these 'writers', they have to not only have a McDouble but a Big Mac Value Meal everyday. The change between playing different franchises is enough to keep their appetite at bay until they get what they are really craving.

Jumping to the conclusion that Super Mario Bros. is the most hated franchise in the industry because of what two 'writers' said on their site doesn't justify what is said for the rest of consumers. The minority in our culture controls the microphone while the majority go along with their day to day lives enjoying life as they take it. This sort of piece, while I've done the same in the past admittedly, was titled on purpose to create tension, driving clicks to your blog. Also, the proper spelling for Internet is with a capital 'I'. Good day!
Tontus  +   1234d ago
The God of War series gets some hate, but it doesn't matter because they're just an insignificant minority compared to many millions of adoring fans that outnumber haters by at least 1000:1.

I guess some people don't like God of War because it's an American game that completely took over as the undisputed king of the genre in terms of sales, critical acclaim and mass of fanbase from the Japanese games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden which are both dead now, also every hack n' slash game nowadays is measured against God of War and many are just shamelessly copying due to the lack of the developers creativity. And then of course there's people who just don't like hack n' slash games and are upset that the game isn't 100% true to Greek mythology.
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ninjabake  +   1234d ago
Have to disagree here. While I don't hate God of War (I'm a huge fan!) I don't believe that people would hate it because its western. If a game is great, its great. It doesn't matter who made it or its origins. I also don't believe that Ninja Gaiden and DMC are dead just yet...they both have games coming out soon and I think both titles will redeem themselves from their most recent disappointing efforts (just IMO).

I do agree that most hack and slash games are compared to God of War but I think it may be because of the accessibility in the games. DMC, Ninja Gaiden, and Bayonetta are more skill-based games with unforgiving difficulties, for the most part, whereas God of War has more elements within the game such as platforming, puzzle solving, exploration, and collection. God of War isn't even as popular as most of the games the author listed so that also could be another reason its not as hated on.

Either way if your a fan of gaming, chances are you enjoy God Of War. So I somewhat agree with you, but there's things I disagree with as well.
WayneKerr  +   1234d ago
I find Sony fans just plain spiteful, this article just sums them up.
TekoIie  +   1234d ago
Halo is one of the MOST hated? Yeh popular things of course get more hate but Halo? No....
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Kingnichendrix  +   1234d ago
Halo gets a lot of hate from where i am from, so does little big planet and the most hated is call of duty which i dont particularly hate myself
Hicken  +   1234d ago
Halo DOES get a lot of hate. Can't say all of it is deserved or undeserved, since I don't have too many problems with the franchise, itself(except that it's essentially become an annual franchise).

Mario doesn't get a lot of hate. Nintendo does for the number of Mario games they make, but the Mario games are generally loved.

Call of Duty should be #1 on this list. Whether it's just hatred, or being hated on, there's no franchise in gaming that receives more than Call of Duty does.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1234d ago
"Halo DOES get a lot of hate. Can't say all of it is deserved or undeserved, since I don't have too many problems with the franchise, itself(except that it's essentially become an annual franchise)."

Annual franchise? Halo came out in 2001, that was 11 years ago. Since then they have had Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo:Reach and Halo: ODST. Those are all part of the franchise. They have also re-released Halo as a HD remake. There was also a Halo Wars game that was not part of the franchise but a RTS spin-off using the Halo brand.

Now why don't you tell us how many God of War games there are? How about Ratchet and Clank? Since 2007 there have been 3 Uncharted games. What about Little Big Planet?

Why should Call of Duty get so much hate? It gets great reviews, people still buy it by the truckload, and it's very popular months after release online. Tony Hawk should get hate because they made it embarrassing. Resident Evil to some degree should also get some hate, the controls are still clunky and the original tension the games have are now replaced by a more action-oriented franchise. Which makes those terrible controls even worse.
3-4-5  +   1234d ago
Bad Games don't get hated on.

They just become Forgotten. Which is even worse.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1234d ago
Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk come to mind.
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Gekko  +   1234d ago
Not sure why hating a game franchise is necessary when you could just avoid it.
aviator189  +   1233d ago
"Balancing, graphics, single player campaign, and lack of innovation seem to be the sticking points for gamers frustrations with the Halo franchise."

Halo lacks innovation and has balancing issues?? Every Halo game has innovate in at least one area and Halo is known for Bungie's balancing talent.

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