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Submitted by proskatercam 1229d ago | news

Snag a Free Borderlands 2 Golden Key – Be Quick

Here you go fellow Vault Hunters! Be quick if you want to snag a free Golden Key for Borderlands 2! 10k each, from your friends at Gearbox. (Borderlands 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

admiralvic  +   1229d ago
Not like the chest gives anything good... then again, it's hard to find things better than the Hellfire, The Bee, Terra class mod and more.
lashes2ashes  +   1229d ago
He'll yes I got another key.
KidBroSweets2  +   1229d ago

....geez I'm a dick.

PS3 ones still work. Literally just got one. So happy after accidentally wasting my first one by thinking I had found a loot chest.
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JoePrime  +   1229d ago
Xbox 360 ones are all gone already =[
JoePrime  +   1228d ago
Haha, how the hell is someone going to "disagree" with that? It was a freaking statement of truth, it's not an opinion or debate LOL. *sigh*
2pacalypsenow  +   1229d ago
ps3 ones still good :-) 10:53 Eastern time
ExCest  +   1229d ago
Isn't this "article" like... 4 and a half hours late?
admiralvic  +   1229d ago
Yes, but being "late" doesn't mean the information is irrelevant. We have at least 1 N4G user saying the PS3 codes still work, so yeah. Also don't forget how long it takes some things to get approved. Back when the Kirby medal came out, it took a day (well after it being dead) to even get approved.
spok22  +   1229d ago
Just got one for ps3. Thanks!
akaFullMetal  +   1229d ago
Nice i got two keys, just sign up for shift.
TheSaint  +   1229d ago
Worked for me 07:46 GMT!
bakagaijin78  +   1229d ago
Just redeemed for a key on PS3 about an hour ago. Nice.

I now have 3 golden keys but haven't opened the chest yet. I've heard the loot is based on your current level, so I'm waiting but I'm soooooooo tempted to try just to see what I get (I'm currently level 21).

To anyone who has opened the chest; do you get multiple items? Or just one?

I really want a good sniper rifle but I'm afraid of getting a shotgun or SMG or something else I'm afraid I won't use...
scotchmouth  +   1229d ago
Ive gotten two items both times
jjb1981  +   1229d ago
I got mine 10 mins after the tweet
EyeGlitch  +   1229d ago
Still good! Just got mine at 12:55 p.m eastern 9/25 Niiiiiiice!
MasterD919  +   1228d ago
Edit: The Xbox 360 key is done...figures.
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GTRrocker666  +   1228d ago
I have 3 keys now. Dont know when i should use them.

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