Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion (3DS) Preview - Game Revolution

"Mizrabel is back, and not only in control of the Castle of Illusion once again, but Minnie has inexplicably disappeared into the world of Wasteland. Of course, it's Mickey's job to bring her back, and to do it he'll need the two elements of great animation: paint and thinner—paint to bring things into the Wasteland and thinner to remove them from the Wasteland. And in classic fashion, Mickey's boppin' heads 2D Gangnam-style." -Kevin Schaller

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dbjj120881882d ago

Can't wait for this. I loved the old-school Disney platformers. I hope Lion King comes back in some form or another. Alladin too.

Relientk771882d ago

Lion King and Aladdin are both amazing games

ftwrthtx1882d ago

After playing through Brave on the PS3, Disney is doing a decent job of creating better games.

1882d ago