IGN: The Difficulty Discussing Wii U

IGN - Reggie describes the learning process in unveiling a new console.

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Pillsbury12070d ago

Nintendo is gonna have a hard time marketing the wii u what with stiff competion from tablets like the kindle fire HD and possibly the iPad mini. They are going to need a solid marketing strategy to clearly convey to all the families why they need this. I am very excited for this system in the short term and what the long term has to offer.

AO1JMM2070d ago

You lost me @ "kindle fire HD and possibly the iPad mini"

Pillsbury12070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Listen you and I as gamers understand that a tablet would NEVER replace consoles I'm referring to the general public the ones that see shiny new apple products and lower cost tablets to put under Jimmy's Xmas tree. It's gonna be a challenge to properly market to them, I do beleive the wii u will sell extremely well and I'm confident nintendo will pull it off.

ABizzel12070d ago

Xbox 360+ with a tablet controller that streams game data to it.

There saved everyone time

TongkatAli2070d ago

Nintendo is going to have a killer commercial and everything will fall into place, all you need is one good commercial.

ddurand12070d ago

the public is going to see a wii that has a tablet with buttons.

most likely they already own a wii, most likely they already own a tablet.

I dont see them being interested.

StrawHatPatriot2070d ago

For me, the problem is that based on Nintendo is marketing the Wii U, they're making as if it's a PS3/360 with iPad controller, that doesn't have nearly as much ads. They're marketing it like a cool device rather than a console.

I'm not saying the console is bad or isn't gonna do anything.

ThanatosDMC2070d ago

Yup, especially if it's just going to have multiplat titles without an exclusive hardcore game that identifies itself. 360 has Halo and Gears and the PS3 has Uncharted and it's many exclusive games but so far the only thing interesting hardcore game they have is Zombie U.

StrawHatPatriot2070d ago

Sorry I meant apps, not ads

PopRocks3592070d ago


What are you talking about? A new Mario or Zelda is inevitable.

ThanatosDMC2067d ago


That's why i said "hardcore". I love Mario like the next guy but i dont plan on spending hours upon hours on it. Zelda would be great but do you think Nintendo will pony up the $$$ to make something like a Zelda Skyrim?

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live2play2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

haha kindle fire
ipad mini xD

the name nintendo
the man mario

grew at a GARGANTUAN rate this generation with the DS, the Wii, and now the 3DS

you seem to underestimate the power of those 2 combined

yea people will want an ipad ($500+.... $200+ more expensive than wiiu) or whatever

but they dont have mario, they dont have nintendoland
they dont have the name nintendo
the name that "as seen on tv" or any ads

people go DK bananas for that family gathering ploy

ESPECIALLY during the holidays

"oh well in this economy in the US people will only choose to have 1"
yadda yadda
this is america, the place where people spend money on things they dont need, just because its on tv

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ddurand12070d ago

I dont see the general populace flocking to this like they did with the Wii.

live2play2070d ago

well silly thats because your eyes are closed
teehee ^_^

chasegarcia2070d ago

Nintendo manage to obtain that Apple magic. Small upgrades with huge sales.

WiiUalpha2070d ago

I fail to see how goin g from 800MHz single core 50mb of RAM to a multi core with 2gigs RAM is a small upgrade. At least have a clear grasp of the topic before commenting.

PopRocks3592070d ago


"Arent u the angry lil fanboy? Look here jr, i know all i need to know & i know it exceeds your comprehension so ill explain it in simple form for u.. "

Considering his comprehension of the specs and your snide attitude, I feel like the part of your comment that I quoted should be directed toward you.

chasegarcia2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

You are comparing a Wii to WiiU. This makes the WiiU specs look god like. The Wii was not even an upgrade really. It could barely do voice overs in games or HD graphics. Anyway I guess I just have higher standards coming from a gaming pc.

I am also an Engineer. So my comprehension of the specs are pretty good. I know what the specs can do. I even made a video.

A lot of the money for higher specs went into the controller. So we will see if it was worth the investment.

WiiUalpha2070d ago

Well if you understand the tech then you know your original comment was completely wrong. It is a much more powerful upgrade than what Apple does to every year.

IWentBrokeForGaming2070d ago

I just know the casuals are going to see the tablet controller as something that it really isnt... I can see some unhappy buyers... not many, but they will exist!

Pillsbury12070d ago

Lol @ drive that movie sucked so bad.

IWentBrokeForGaming2070d ago

Freshest movie of the entire year... I feel bad that it flew over your head! you truely didn't see the cinematic art that was unfolding before your eyes...

oh well Cult Classic regardless!

cleft52070d ago

People keep talking about how the casuals are going to see the controller for WiiU and not know what the WiiU really is all about. The truth is that it doesn't matter if they understand the product. All Nintendo needs to do is get people into the stores with the intent of buying a WiiU. If people go in thinking they are buying a tablet for the Wii it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter because they are probably thinking that it will cost them around a $100 like that exercise pad did. So they are already ready to spend at least a $100 and they want the product. Finding out that it's a new console that cost $299 will make them rethink the move. But as they are trying to talk themselves out of it, the fact that the WiiU is the new big thing and in their mind it's only $200 more will convince a lot of people to just impulse buy and take that leap.

The ones that don't will keep the WiiU in mind and do a bit of research. The sites they look at, and obviously it won't be n4g, will hype the WiiU as the next big thing. That hype along with their intent to buy will be more than enough to make them go back and buy a WiiU.

Companies tend to release major products around November/December because they want to take advantage of this sort of a logic. If a product has enough hype than this logic continues to apply after the holiday season is over.