PS3 Support Until 2015, Black Ops 2 Perks Nerfed, Remember Me Details

IGN - PS3 support through 2015, says Sony; perks nerfed in Black Ops 2; Wii U region-locked; and gameplay details for Capcom's Remember Me.

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claud31822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

So if the xbox720, comes out next year. Were does that leave Sony.

Out in the cold thats were

PirateThom1822d ago

Support doesn't mean they won't have a new console announced or ready to go. It would be too early to say "we've a new console coming soon", PS3 sales would take a nose dive.

LackTrue4K1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

hes expecting that, since that's what happen to the first Xbox.
(Microsoft) "DROP SUPPORT NOW!!!"
EDIT: 3rd party's still supported the OG xbox, even after Microsoft stopped.

MostJadedGamer1822d ago

PS4 wont come out til late 2014.

blitz06231822d ago

PS2 was supported til 2010. Enough said

zeeshan1822d ago

I think it will be a wrong and an extremely dumb decision if Sony allows MS to get a year head start all over again!? Isn't that one of the biggest reason why MS still dominates in the US?

6 months? OK, I get that but a year or two is just too much.

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Relientk771822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The PS2 was out before support for the PS1 stopped, same with the PS3, and PS2. The PS4 will be out before PS3 support stops.

ddurand11822d ago

Yup. i thought that would be clear to everyone else.

rainslacker1822d ago

2015 actually seems kinda soon, considering they still support the PS2 6 years into the PS3 life.

Dlacy13g1822d ago

Support implies software made for the system. Sony stopped that support about a year after the PS3 came out. They internally stopped making games for the platform. I am thinking this means a 2014 launch for ps4.

MostJadedGamer1822d ago

No console generations are going to start overlapping more, and more, and become more, and more blended together.

SAE1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

yea , why the hell they released the ps3 !!!!!!!!!!!! they are stupids !!

that's what i see from the comments here about the ps4 ... -.-

just because you ain't bored of the ps3 and it still sell doesn't mean others shouldn't get the ps4 even next year ...

since they didn't release anything about xbox 3 and people expect it next year then i will do the same for the ps4 , sony won't go and do the same mistake like before ...

da_2pacalypse1822d ago

I didn't really expect anything else from Sony. They did the same thing with the PS2. Hopefully this means that Last Guardian will be released on the PS3 :D

dcortz20271822d ago

So, Sony saying that they will support the PS3 until 2015 means no PS4? LOL wow! Please don't refer to yourself as a gamer anymore.

DeadlyFire1822d ago

PS4 is coming as well. I expect launch between Fall 2013-Mid 2014, but that is just me. Microsoft will not be alone in announcing a next generation console.

As for support its just an announced minimum support date for 1st party software. PS3 hardware and software support could last another 5 years after that. Depending on how well it keeps sales going over time.

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avengers19781822d ago

Sony supported the PS2 for years after PS3 came out, they support PSP with PS Vita out. Sony is really the only gaming company that doesn't immediately stop supporting there old consoles when the new one is released... Sony might put out PS4 in 2013 more likely 2014, but they could still support the PS3 for years, just like PS2.
Come to think of it PS2 is still listed in hardware sales when they put such numbers out..

Muffins12231821d ago

We meet again coseplay guy

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gamerumble1822d ago

2015... Is it a good time to buy then?

claud31822d ago

Either way, up ti Sony. But they really need to understand the outcome if their choice

fabod861822d ago

did you read the previous comments? i thought they were clear but maybe i'm the dumb one here :/

DivineAssault 1822d ago

+bubble for a hilarious comment...

LOGICWINS1822d ago

Remember Me looks great! And Naomi Kyle? Damn..she's def Applebees worthy =D

MattyG1822d ago

How does one come to be "Applebees worthy"? I'm intrigued...

LOGICWINS1822d ago

Any woman thats cute in the face and has all her teeth is Applebees worthy!

DivineAssault 1822d ago

Her & Jess Chobot are smokin.. Any hot chick that knows her tech makes her 10x better

Cryptcuzz1821d ago

Chobot got too skinny. I like this girl much better in terms of looks.

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