Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard Bishoujo Statue

Kotobukiya’s line of Bishoujo statues are always a big hit among geeks with good reason. These statues have famous comic book and video game heroines done in an anime style. The Mass effect universe has been represented already with Liara but now it’s time for the big leagues as the one and only Commander Shepard finally gets the Bishoujo treatment.

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PopRocks3591946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

This looks kind of nice. The eyes make her look a tad too young, but it's not a bad looking statue.

Romudeth1946d ago

I love the detail in the armor. I can't wait for this to be available.

Bimkoblerutso1946d ago

Yeah, the whole Bishoujo line kinda does that. Other than the "loli" face, though, the thing looks really, really cool.

PopRocks3591946d ago

I don't mind the Bishoujo style being applied. I happen to like anime and manga style. I just wish her age was properly reflected. Shepard's a hardened veteran. She should at least look mid-twenties at the youngest. This model looks close to eighteen.

tubers1945d ago

Awesome! Now where's my Loli Nendoroid Shepard? :P

denero11945d ago

Nah it doesn't look loli but it doesn't look like someone with a commander rank either

Gekko1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I love her fiery red hair. Haven't played any Mass Effect game before though, maybe I'll look into it.