Microsoft Not Ruling Out a Crackdown Sequel

Microsoft's Shane Kim says that "we still love Crackdown... [a sequel] is an option for us."

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FirstknighT3812d ago

Oh I'm hoping for a sequal. The first one was a classic. Easily thee best "superhero" game I have ever played. Add some better coop action and we're talking AAA title.

SeNiLe9113812d ago

Crackdown was a nothing game as far as I know until Halo 3 beta was about to drop and now I would love some more Crackdown. I will take seconds of Crackdown please.

crck3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

That game was good fun. They just need more variety in the missions and its good to go. If I remember correctly every single mission in the game was go hunt this person down and kill them.

power of Green 3812d ago

Agreed I thought they could have added much more to make the game truely great beyond what it is * a game were you kill people lol(like in 99% of action games lol) Yah it could have offered more GTA like sandbox missions.

Detective mission and a more living and breathing world will take this series a long ways(although these guys were Agents and the *VOICE* was doing what I said above in the virtual background for gamers.

3812d ago
LocustGR3812d ago

Crackdown was very fun. I hope for a Crackdown 2.^^

PureGamer3812d ago

I liked the first one, im hoping for a sequel. Me and my cousin speant loads of time playing co op online.

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