"FIFA 13 Is the Best Soccer Game Ever Made" EA Sports Interview

FIFA 13 is out in just under 24 hours, if you're on the fence about this next iteration of the franchise, check out Pure Sophisty's interview with EA Sports Developer behind the game- and why it's the best of the series!

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Yi-Long2268d ago

... the demo was very good...

BUT it could have been a lot better, if it had finally fixed the existing problems of a cheating CPU, the endless amount of screens and menus, a proper replay-save function instead of turning it into videofiles, and including a proper player-editor.

All stuff that we've been begging for for years now, yet they don't seem to care.

PureSophistry2268d ago

Tried to make it more accessible to new players perhaps?

Nate-Dog2268d ago

It's already accessible to new players though, I mean the majority of EA's games are lately and I don't think FIFA has been 'hard' to get into for a long time.

Awesome_Gamer2268d ago

I loved the demo, shame PES is ruined though, i used to love that series

vortis2268d ago

Are those guys kissing in the photo?

StrawHatPatriot2268d ago

To bad it's football counterpart is lacking (no weight or momentum, no proper foot movement, piss poor a.i, not even all of the penalties, etc.).

Ninjamonkey822268d ago

"FIFA 13 Is the Best Football Game Ever Made" EA Sports Interview

fixed that title for good measure ;).

pompombrum2268d ago

LMFAO!! It might have the potential to be the best but it's a buggy piece of S***. So many little bugs that should never make it in a retail game.. but hey I guess that's what we've came to expect from the company voted worst in America.

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The story is too old to be commented.